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Screen Actors Guild
5757 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036-3600
(323) 954-1600
Web site: http://www.sag.org
The union for screen performers, which enforces fair working conditions and compensation. Their Web site provides information about joining whether you're a driver, stuntperson, or performer.

Stuntmen's Association of Motion Pictures
10660 Riverside Drive, 2nd Floor, Suite E
Toluca Lake, CA 91602
(818) 766 4334
Web site: http://www.stuntmen.com
A fraternal organization for professional stuntmen.

Stunts Canada
Web site: http://www.stuntscanada.net
The oldest association for Canadian stunt performers, based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Stuntwomen's Association of Motion Pictures
Web site: http://home.earthlink.net/~stuntwomen
This association sets standards in medical benefits, wages, and compensation for female stunt professionals. It also provides networking opportunities and posts head shots and résumés of members.


Bobby Ore School
Information on the school and stunt driving as a career.


Freese, Gene Scott. Hollywood Stunt Performers: A Dictionary and Filmography of over 600 Men and Women, 1922–1996. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, 1998.

A survey of those who performed the deeds that thrilled audiences around the world. Short biographies and credits.

Ireland, Karin. Hollywood Stuntpeople. New York: Julian Messner, 1980.

A look at stunt performers and their work in film and television.


The Fast and the Furious, 2001, available from Universal Home Video.

An undercover cop enters the world of street racers suspected of dealing in stolen goods. High octane adventure with great stunt work.

The French Connection, 1972, available from 20th Century-Fox Home Video.

Based on the real-life exploits of a detective nicknamed Popeye, Gene Hackman stars in this thriller. It has what many consider to be the greatest movie car chase ever, all handled by a stunt driver.

Gone in Sixty Seconds, 2000, available on video from Paramount Home Video.

Nicolas Cage stars in this movie about a group of car thieves who try to steal sixty cars in a single evening. Great stunt driving throughout.

The Stuntman, 1980, available on video from Anchor Bay.

Strong film with Peter O'Toole about the art and artifice of filmmaking.

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