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The odds of finding work as a stunt driver are against you. It has been estimated by SAG that there are 5,000 stunt drivers out there, with maybe 250 working at any one time. How do those lucky few get the jobs? They are either in the right place at the right time, specialize in a particular stunt, or physically match the actor or actress playing the role that requires a stunt driver.

Stunt drivers have a limited life span in terms of career because sooner or later their reflexes start to slow them down. In some cases, a lifetime of injuries finally take their toll. The best stunt drivers evolve into stunt coordinators, designing the choreography of the stunts in consultation with the director, selecting the stunt performers, and making sure the stunts go off safely and acceptably. Of course, there are even fewer stunt coordinator positions than there are stunt drivers. In most cases, you need a broader background in all manner of stunts, not just driving. Short careers, however, also mean that there is high turnover. In addition, with the entertainment boom, opportunities will not be in short supply. It is important to become known as one of the best because directors and producers will always hire professionals with whom they've had success in the past.

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