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CHAUFFEUR - Requirements

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In addition to your regular driver's license, you will need a special license, commonly called a “hack's license,” which allows you to drive for commercial purposes. In most cases, earning this license will require around eighty hours of classroom instruction. The ability to read a map is essential. You'll need to know the major highways in the area. You must also know how to get around traffic snarls since most passengers are on some kind of schedule. You will also be expected to know how to handle basic first aid and how to help those with special needs. English proficiency will also be tested since you will need to know how to read road signs and communicate effectively with your passengers.

Many chauffeur companies tend to set minimum age requirements for their drivers that are higher than the age needed to get a driver's license. This varies from company to company. Their standards are higher than the state's since they need to project as professional an image as possible to attract clients. No one wants to be driven around by someone who doesn't appear to be able to handle difficult situations, should they arise.

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