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Personal chefs are cooks-for-hire who do not work in a traditional restaurant setting. Instead, they usually bring food to their clients. Some personal chefs have experience cooking in restaurants and have decided to put a slightly different twist on their profession. Some have cooked for their own families for years and are pursuing a new line of work. Sometimes, personal chefs cook solely for one person or family, but usually they have multiple clients to whom they bring food.


Many personal chefs are paid by the hour. In New York City, personal chefs can make between $25 and $45 per hour. Given that many personal chefs serve at least a few clients, a dedicated and efficient one could make up to $300 a day. As of May 2006, the average personal chef earned $22,000 per year, but some made as much as $55,000.


The number of families with two working parents is growing, and so is the need for personal chefs. Hiring a personal chef enables busy families to come home and enjoy a well-prepared meal. Over the next ten years, employment opportunities for personal and private chefs are expected to increase, especially considering how much more aware the average American is of the importance of nutrition.

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