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Needlework stitchery covers a wide range of styles and techniques. One style is called crewel embroidery. Stitched with wool or silk thread on linen, silk, or wool fabric, crewel embroidery usually depicts traditional designs that include leaves and flowers.

Needlepoint is a style of stitchery in which wool yarn completely covers a canvas mesh. The finished piece, which is exceptionally strong, is appropriate to use as upholstery, handbags, picture frames, rugs, and slippers. One style of needlepoint is Bargello, distinguished by bold, elegant geometric patterns. Needlepointers can stitch intricate designs depicting flowers and scenery by working on a tiny mesh called petit point. Skilled needlepoint designers can create custom designs for clients, depicting family members, pets, or other personal images.

One way to dress up any fabric is to add beadwork. With this method of needlework, a waxed thread and needle are used to cross-stitch beads onto material or canvas. A beadworker can cover an entire item with beads to produce a striking finished product.

Knitting is yet another form of needlework. Using yarn and needles, a knitter can create an array of useful and artistic items including sweaters, scarves, hats, or afghan blankets to sell at craft fairs or shops.

Handmade items can last for years and make wonderful gifts.

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