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Talent agents are the people who will get you voice work. You will need to find out which agents in your area represent voice talent. Get to know your agents. Let them hear your voice. Remember, these people are very busy and may seem to be in a hurry. Do not be a pest, but let your self-confidence step forward. Be strong. Assert yourself. Be persistent. Check in as frequently as you are allowed to. Talent agents do not ask for money up front to get you work. If an agent asks for money from you, walk away. Do expect the agent to take a 10 percent to 20 percent agent fee off the top of any paychecks you receive.

Although you are hoping to pursue your voice talent career in television and film, you may at first find that your agent is booking you for radio work, for something like commercials. At the beginning, when you are just getting started, you will want to take whatever work your agent offers you. These smaller jobs will give your voice plenty of exposure. They help you to gain the experience you need. They will help to build your reputation as a reliable, easy-to-work-with voice talent and, just as important, they will pay you well!

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