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Education And Training

If you want to become a wrangler the first step is to learn how to ride. Take lessons at a local stable if you can. Spend as much time riding horses as possible. Ask lots of questions of your instructor and find out just what it takes to get good. And don't get frustrated in the process. Learning to ride a horse is not easy. It take time and practice.

In many cases, to be a good wrangler you also have to learn to work with people. This comes with practice. Learn to listen closely to people when they talk to you. See if you can explain things to people that they may not be familiar with. If you can get good at this, you'll have a much easier time teaching a new rider how to control a horse.

Many wranglers start out working on a farm or in a barn. They get experience cleaning stalls and being around horses before they move up to training horses and teaching others to ride them. It's usually even further on in their career that they actually use horses in working situations, on ranches, for instance.

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