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For the foreseeable future, at least, there should be no shortage of job openings in animal shelters. The fact is, many people get pets and don't know how to care for them. Often these pets end up neglected, abused, or on the street. Without animal shelters, they'd have nowhere to go. Fortunately, more and more animal shelters are being established around the country to meet the growing demand for humane animal care. If this is your field, you can certainly count on plenty of work. Nancy Peterson of the Humane Society of the United States says:

It's one thing to really love animals and want to work with them, but you have to realize that they're not always going to be the same as the pet you might have at home. Sometimes it can be a very sad experience to work with animals. There are a lot of animals and not enough people to help them. If you want to work with animals you also need to like working with people. Often there's a person attached to that animal. You need good people skills.

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