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As long as people care about their pets, there will be a high demand for groomers. And more and more people are buying pets—especially dogs—so business is bound to grow. One interesting factor in the grooming field is how the economy influences business. When the economy is good, and people feel like they have plenty of money, they tend to pamper their pets. They think nothing of bringing their pets in for a quick trim, brush, or wash. When the economy is bad, however, business may slow down, as pet owners decide they'd rather hold onto their money than spend it on their pooches. Either way, don't expect to make much more than $15,000 per year when you start out, or $25,000 per year once you're established.

In any case, if you decide to enter the grooming business, whether you succeed or not will largely depend on how motivated you are. If you become a top-notch groomer, build a name for yourself in your area, and work hard to gain new clients, you're almost guaranteed to do well.

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