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Burch, Mary. How Dogs Learn. Saint Paul, MN: Hungry Mind Press, 1999.

Marlo, Shelby. Shelby Marlo's New Art of Dog Training: Balancing Love and Discipline. Lincolnwood, IL: NTC/Contemporary Publishing Co., 1999.

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The American Dog Trainers Network
A great resource for dog owners and trainers.

http://www. clickertraining. com

Working Dogs Cyberzine


APDT Newsletter
Association of Pet Dog Trainers
17000 Commerce Parkway, Suite C
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054
Bimonthly newsletter with latest training techniques and other helpful information.

Bulletin on Companion Animal Behavior

2288 Manning Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Delta Society
289 Perimeter Road East
Renton, WA 98055-1329
Quarterly magazine for members of the Delta Society.


Clicker Magic!
Produced by Karen Pryor.
This video includes twenty demonstrations by top dog trainers working with young and old dogs. One of the best videos on the market. Running time: 55 minutes.


Assistance Dogs International Inc.
c/o Canine Partners for Life
334 Faggs Manor Road
Cochranville, PA 19330
(610) 869-4902
Web site: http://www.assistance-dogs-intl.org.

Association of Pet Dog Trainers
17000 Commerce Parkway, Suite C
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054
(800) 738-3647
Web site: http://www.apdt.com.

Canine Companions for Independence
P.O. Box 446
Santa Rosa, CA 95402-0446
(425) 226-7357
(800) 572-2275
Web site: http://www.caninecompanions.org.

Delta Society
289 Perimeter Road East
Renton, WA 98055-1329
(800) 869-6898
Web site: http://www.deltasociety.org.

International Association of Assistance Dog Partners
38691 Filly Drive
Sterling Heights, MI 48310
(810) 826-3938
Web site: http://www.iaadp.org

National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors
Attn: Corresponding Secretary, PMB #369
729 Grapevine Highway, Suite 369
Hurst, TX 76054-2085
Web site: http://www.nadoi.org.

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