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Karen's Typical Day

2:00 AM

Get up and let one or two dogs outside so they can go to the bathroom. Go back to sleep.

5:30 AM

Get up, put bark collars on the dogs that bark, wake up the dogs that don't want to get up, and send everyone outside.

7:00 AM

Breakfast. Make each dog sit and wait for its meal to be served. When they finish, it's back outside.

8:30 AM

Time to work. Bring one or two dogs at a time back inside to work on new tricks and practice old ones.

10:30 AM

All the dogs go into the truck, and it's off to the office. Do office work for an hour while the dogs wait in the yard outside.

11:30 AM

Back into the truck for a trip to the local high school. Students take the dogs and learn what it takes to train them and work with them. The dogs learn to be comfortable around strangers and to obey commands from people other than their regular trainer.

3:15 PM

Return to the office for more paperwork.

4:00 PM

Load up the dogs for the last time, and return home.

4:30 PM

Pull out one or two dogs from the bunch and work with them individually.

5:30 PM


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