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Preparing for College

Checklist Of Precollege Activities

Indicate with a check or an x, when the task has been completed.

  • —— Selected a high school that offers a strong academic program (especially in the sciences), has a solid track record of its graduates being admitted to quality undergraduate schools, and has a strong career guidance program.
  • —— Demonstrated an interest in the sciences and received good grades (B+ or better), in these courses.
  • —— Completed four years of English so as to develop good written communication skills.
  • —— Completed a speech course that enhances one's abilities to communicate orally.
  • —— Completed at least three years of a foreign language (preferably Spanish).
  • —— Completed at least one year of biology.
  • —— Completed four years of humanities (including a psychology course).
  • —— Engaged in voluntary community service in a meaningful manner.
  • —— Considered applying to an accelerated or combined program (see discussion on page 128).
  • —— Joined a premed club at school and actively participated in its functions.
  • —— Spent time observing the activities of a physician who has a successful practice.
  • —— Properly prepared for and took the SAT (or ACT) exam.
  • —— Received the necessary applications from appropriate undergraduate schools.
  • —— Visited schools (even if not invited for an interview), to see if it meets the necessary level, both scholastically and socially.

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