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Government Interviews

Interview Logistics

Different government agencies and offices have different ways of conducting interviews. Some interview in several stages: First you meet more junior attorneys and then, should you progress to the next stage, you meet more senior people. Other offices may conduct day-long interviews, in which you have three or four meetings in the morning, a break for lunch, and then four or five meetings in the afternoon. For many government jobs, candidates are questioned by two interviewers at the same time. Additionally, it is not unusual for applicants to interview for government positions months and even years in advance of their desired start date. It can often be a long process, so relax and be patient.

Otherwise, government interviews are conducted much in the same way as they are in private practice. A government office typically employs a recruiting manager who will be your primary contact, explain the process to you, introduce you to your interviewers, and answer questions. Treat this person with great respect. Remember, he or she sees applicants like you (or better) every day, and his or her opinion is usually highly valued by the agency.

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