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Clerkship Interviews

Asking Your Own Questions

You can ace the interview by showing that you are a well-rounded candidate with great personality. Watch your demeanor and exhibit confidence and humility. To show your sincere interest, always ask questions. Good questions to ask the judge include the following:

  • • “How do you like being a judge?”
  • • “How did you decide to become a judge?”
  • • “What was the most important thing that helped you become a judge?”
  • • “What do you expect from your clerks?”
  • • “What are you looking for in clerkship applicants?”
  • • “What is your mentorship style?”
  • • “Do you prefer to closely guide your clerks through the writing process, or do you discuss their projects after they are completed?”
  • • “Do your clerks work on both civil and criminal matters?”
  • • “Do you keep in touch with your former clerks? Do you encourage them to keep in touch?”

Here is a list of possible questions for the judge's former clerks:

  • • “What does the judge look for in his/her clerks?”
  • • “What were your responsibilities as a clerk?”
  • • “Does the judge encourage clerks to voice opinions in cases in which you disagree with the outcome?”
  • • “What did you find most challenging about your job?”
  • • “What was your favorite part about clerking?”
  • • “Did you have an opportunity to work on both civil and criminal matters?”
  • • “What were the most important things this clerkship taught you?”

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