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Cover Letters for Law Enforcement and Legal Careers

Keywords And Keywords Phrases For Law Enforcement And Legal Cover Letters

Your cover letter presents an excellent opportunity to show prospective employers and recruiters how the skills and accomplishments documented on your resume relate to their specific hiring needs. Each industry and profession presents unique cover letter writing and design challenges. If you are interested in pursuing a law enforcement or legal career, be certain to include highlights of these important success factors in your cover letters:

Success Factor #1

Credentials and certifications are key. Prominently mention firearms, special tactics, or special investigative credentials. For attorneys, list the courts and states in which you are permitted to practice.

Success Factor #2

In addition to credentials, include other professional training in areas relevant to the position you are pursuing. Law enforcement and legal professions place a heavy emphasis on professional development, so be sure to include yours.

Success Factor #3

Be sure to mention any measures of performance. What's your success rate in cases you've tried as an attorney? As a police officer, how many arrests have you made or how has the crime rate been reduced because of your actions?

Success Factor #4

Remember to include information about the administrative aspects of your job, especially if you're interested in advancing into supervisory or management positions. This may include personnel training and supervision, record-keeping, report preparation, regulatory review and compliance, and a host of other functions.

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