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Cover Letters for Human Resources and Training Careers

Keywords And Keywords Phrases For Human Resources And Training Cover Letters

Your cover letter presents an excellent opportunity to show prospective employers and recruiters how the skills and accomplishments documented on your resume relate to their specific hiring needs. Each industry and profession presents unique cover letter writing and design challenges. If you are interested in pursuing a career in human resources or training, be certain to include highlights of these important success factors in your cover letters:

Success Factor #1

Show your diverse skills by mentioning the different aspects of human resource management with which you have experience (for example, benefits administration, recruiting, payroll, employee relations, and training).

Success Factor #2

Mention initiatives you have developed or implemented to improve employee satisfaction and retention. This might include counseling individual employees on professional development or introducing employee incentive programs recognizing peak performance.

Success Factor #3

For trainers, include activities such as needs assessment, curriculum planning, course design, online instruction, classroom training, and instructional materials design.

Success Factor #4

Include detailed information about your familiarity with technology-based human resource management systems (for example, timekeeping, payroll, benefits administration, and manpower planning). These technical skills are critical in today's tech-based HR environment.

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