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Resumes for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service Careers

Keywords And Keywords Phrases For Sales, Marketing, And Customer Service Resumes

Each and every industry and profession presents unique resume writing and design challenges. If you are interested in pursuing a career in sales, marketing, or customer service management, be certain to incorporate these important success factors:

Success Factor #1

Use statistics to quantify your achievements whenever possible. Show percentage increases in revenues, ranking among other sales associates, or number of new accounts, to demonstrate how you've added value. If you're a marketing professional, how much was market share or sales volume increased based on the campaign(s) you recommended?

Success Factor #2

Show your versatility by including the different categories of products/services you have experience representing or types of customers you have served (for example, business-to-business or direct-to-consumer).

Success Factor #3

Highlight consultative selling and relationship-building skills. In today's environment, connecting with customers, assessing their needs, and recommending solutions are highly valued in sales and customer service professionals.

Success Factor #4

Mention your technology skills, especially presentation software or contact management applications that help sales professionals do their jobs more efficiently. For customer service people, experience with various order entry/tracking software is important.

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