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Job Title: Agent, Job Title: Animal Trainer Or Film Animal Trainer, Job Title: Casting Director, Casting Agent, Or Casting Assistant

There is a small army of talented individuals whose specialized services are essential to many productions, but whose jobs are not generally known outside film and television circles. A few of these include:

  • • Agent: solicit and procure work for clients.
  • • Animal Wrangler: provide and train animals to perform specific actions.
  • • Casting Director: select actors to portray the characters in a production.
  • • Catering: prepare and serve hot meals cooked to order at meal breaks.
  • • Craft Services: provide snacks and beverages between meals; general clean up.
  • • Script Supervisor: maintain continuity of plot, speaking lines, movement, and so on, during filming.


Job Overview

Craft Services are the individual(s) responsible for providing between-meal snacks and beverages for the cast and crew throughout the course of a filming day. Meals are provided by catering, a different union than craft services.

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