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Job Title: Production Sound Mixer, Job Title: Boom Operator, Job Title: Cable Man, Cabler, Sound Utility

Sound, in the form of dialogue, background noise, or effects, provides an important means of communicating ideas. Music helps set the tone of a scene and emphasizes the emotions portrayed by the actors. Together, sound and music give dimension to a visual image that would otherwise be mere pantomime.

Those involved in the creation, recording, and mixing of sound and music include:

  • • Production Sound Mixer: coordinate and monitor the recording of dialogue and ambient sound during filming.
  • • Boom Operator: handle the overhead boom microphone and concealed wireless microphones.
  • • Cabler, Cable Man, or Third Man: run cable to the mikes and place body mikes on actors.
  • • Production Soundman: record onset sound.
  • • Dialogue Editor: edit the sound recorded during filming.
  • • Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) Supervisor: record lines of dialogue that will be dubbed in (substituted) for unusable passages recorded during filming.
  • • FX Editor: add or embellish sounds other than dialogue or music.
  • • Foley Artist: create appropriate sounds for the FX Editor.
  • • Music Editor: create a temporary score; help sync the final score to the film.
  • • Playback Operator: play prerecorded music during the filming of a scene.
  • • Rerecording Mixer: assist the sound editors to adjust recorded sound quality.
  • • Supervising Rerecording Mixer: combine the dialogue, music, effects, and overdub tracks, and sync them to the film.

Positions involved in creating, selecting, and licensing music for the film or television program's score, sound track, and trailer include:

  • • Composer and Songwriter: create original music to introduce and underscore the story line.
  • • President, Senior Vice President, or Vice President of Music: secure music for film, television, and sound track use.
  • • Music Supervisor: find and license music for film, television, and sound track use.
  • • Business Affairs or Music Clearance and Licensing: obtain music licenses.

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