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call plate batter association

The bases are loaded and there are two outs. The home team is down by one run and there's a full count on the batter at the plate. You're behind the plate ready to call the next pitch. You call it a strike—the batter is out and the game is finished. The crowd boos, the players yell, and the manager storms out of the dugout. You're the umpire, and you stay calm. You know you have made the right call.

Being an umpire is not an easy job. Barry Mano, the president of the National Association of Sports Officials says, “[I]t takes a special person—a person with integrity, courage, and good judgment.” For information on jobs officiating other sports, check out the association's Web site (

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over 3 years ago

Nice work if you can get it! And if you do want to get this type of work

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about 3 years ago

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