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Simple Truths About Following Up to Close the Deal - Simple Truth #1: Become Part Of The Hiring Process, Simple Truth #2: Timeline And Culture Are Key

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So you've prepared for the interview, gone to the interview and performed well, sent your thank-you letter immediately after the interview, and are now sitting back waiting for that job offer you just know is coming any day now. Not so fast! If you were the first of many candidates interviewed, or some corporate crisis has totally distracted the decision-maker(s) from the hiring process, the interviewer may have forgotten about you. Sure, it's hard to believe (because you know you're the best candidate for the job), but such things can happen.

In order to keep your candidacy alive and well, to emerge as the top candidate, and to achieve your ultimate goal of getting hired, keep these truths in mind:

  1. Become part of the hiring process.
  2. Timeline and culture are key.
  3. Strive to stay alive and remain top-of-mind.
  4. What goes around really does come around.
  5. Keep your references in the loop.
  6. Get organized and keep track of your progress.
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almost 6 years ago

Very glad to read this article on truth about following up, when hiring for an interview. Very useful and good one, which enables us to know something about this type of processes. Thank you for posting this and expecting more like this in the future.