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Simple Truths About Tough Interview Questions - The 10 Tough Questions You Need To Be Ready To Answer, Tips From The Pros

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Savvy interviewers have a reason for asking each and every question during your interview. As we've discussed, sometimes these reasons are clear and self-evident; and other times, there are underlying objectives at play. The better you understand the real question behind the question, the more likely it is that you will satisfy the interviewer and present yourself in the most positive light.

A persuasive case could be made that any question asked during an interview can be tough if you aren't prepared with a well-thought-out response, and if you aren't able to think quickly on your feet under pressure. I've chosen 10 questions that candidates have found to be among the toughest—these are some the most challenging questions out there. By considering these questions in advance of your interview and figuring out how you would respond, hopefully you'll also be better positioned to respond to other questions in the moment. As always, honesty is the guiding light; however, being honest doesn't preclude being prepared.

Remember: To ace an interview, the focus needs to be on them (the target position and prospective employer), not you! Your goal in the interview is to demonstrate with every response how you are the answer to their needs and challenges.

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