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ART DEPARTMENT - Job Title: Production Designer, Job Title: Production Designer, Commercials, Job Title: Art Director

set props maintain actors

Remove the actors from the set, and everything else you see falls under the direction of the Art Department. Responsibilities vary according to the size and scope of a production, with smaller projects requiring that one person fill several positions. Those positions include:

  • • Production Designer: conceptualize and design the project's total look.
  • • Art Director: oversee the conversion of artistic vision into physical reality.
  • • Assistant Art Director: more than just an assistant, the assistant art director is assigned responsibility for various areas of the art director's duties.
  • • Set Designer: give design input and draft the plans used to build the set.
  • • Art Department Coordinator: manages the art department office and budgets.
  • • Model Builder: build scale models of sets for approval prior to construction.
  • • Construction Coordinator: oversee the carpenters who actually build the set.
  • • Set Decorator: create and/or locate all the furnishings necessary to dress the set.
  • • Leadman: manage the set dressers.
  • • Set Dressers/Swing Gang: move, place, pack, and store the set furnishings.
  • • On-Set Dresser: maintain continuity of the set during filming.
  • • Shopper: do the legwork of finding the props or furniture items the Set Decorator needs.
  • • Propmaster: find and maintain those props that the actors will handle.
  • • Prop Man: distribute and collect the hand props to the actors for each scene.
  • • Propmaker: create or alter those props that cannot be rented or purchased.
  • • Storyboard Artist: convert the director's, art director's, or production designer's vision into a sequence of sketches that guide the rest of the crew to achieving a cohesive presentation.
  • • Greensman (Nursery): provide, place, and maintain real or artificial plants and flowers.
  • • Food Stylist: provide any food or drink that will be used or shown during a scene.
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