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Human Resources

Personnel and human resources (HR) workers are responsible for managing employee hiring, firing, and retention. Human resources departments are found in most medium and large businesses. Recruiting to fill job vacancies and new positions is a big part of most human resources departments. Many human resources managers work with recruitment firms or headhunters to find job candidates, while other managers do all recruiting themselves. In either case, human resources professionals are responsible for making sure the best talent possible is recruited to fill high-profile positions.

Employee retention is another important part of human resources. This includes managing compensation and benefits packages. Many human resources professionals specialize in managing health benefits – working with insurance companies and employees to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Employee dismissal is also a responsibility for human resources. HR professionals must ensure that any employee firings or terminations are carried out in accordance with state and federal law, as well as company policy.

The articles on this page describe human resources specializations in detail. Each career profile article includes salary expectations, job outlook, and job search tips.