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Call Center Manager

Education and Training: Bachelor’s degree
Average Salary: $75,000
Job Outlook: Good

A call center manager is responsible for day-to-day running of a call center, and must make sure that resources are used effectively. It’s their responsibility to set customer service targets and to ensure they are met. They may also need to plan improvements to services and develop new ways and techniques of ensuring that the call center is run efficiently, and it will be their responsibility to ensure calls are answered within agreed time limits and customers are dealt with courteously.

Call center managers also need to liaise with the company or business to whom they are providing services, as well as companies who supply products to the center. They need to be able to motivate staff, and may be required to recruit new staff and oversee their training. In addition they will be required to review the performance of current staff and adjust their training needs accordingly. It is their responsibility to make sure staff turnover isn’t too high, and that incentive schemes and bonus schemes are implemented where appropriate. They are also in charge of sourcing new equipment which could improve efficiency.

Education and Training Requirements

There are no specific educational requirements for the position of call center manager, as training tends to be on the job, although most managers have degrees in subjects such as languages, computer science, business management, or finance. It can also be an advantage to be fluent in a second language, or to have good technical or computer skills. It is essential that anyone wishing to pursue this career has excellent communication skills, and is able to confidently manage others. A good call center manager will have strong leadership skills and they should be able to motivate and inspire staff.

Getting the Job

There are quite a few vacancies for this type of job, but it could be advantageous to gain a few years in call center experience, or to have some kind of marketing or sales experience which shows you have a proven track record in marketing. Having specialist knowledge in a subject such as computer science, languages, or finance could help you get a job with a specialist employer. You may also find that you gain the opportunity to move up the career ladder by joining a call center as an agent, as these places tend to have a fairly high turnover.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook and Career Development

Job prospects for call center managers are good, especially as a number of major companies are choosing to relocate their call centers here once more. Career development could involve managing larger call centers, or choosing to specialize in certain aspects of the job. This could be training staff, analyzing data, or helping to develop customer services. Some call center managers move into roles were management of actual centers plays a fairly small part, as research managers are responsible for coordinating data management and market research projects. Some call center managers go on to become divisional managers and are responsible for coordinating several call centers. It may be possible to job share or work part-time, and there is the possibility of freelance or consultancy work for experienced call center managers.

Working Conditions and Environment

Although the call center offices are usually quite comfortable, this job is frequently stressful as there is always the emphasis on meeting targets and ensuring efficiency. It’s also quite common to have to work antisocial hours, and although some call centers only operate during office hours, others may be targeting potential customers in different time zones.

Salary and Benefits

The average salary for a call center manager is quite difficult to ascertain, but is around $75,000. Some call center managers will earn substantially more while others will earn less as it largely depends on the size of the call center and whether or not it is a specialist company. Those working for specialist companies such as airlines or information technology may well earn more.

Benefits for this management position will include comprehensive health and dental insurance, retirement plan contributions, paid vacations, and may include profit-sharing or bonuses.

Where to Go for More Information

American Teleservices Association
3815 River Crossing Parkway, Ste. 20
Indianapolis, IN 46240
(317) 816-9336

The National Association of Call Centers
100 S 22nd Ave.
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
(480) 922-5949

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