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House Manager

Education and Training: Hotel and restaurant management service skills preferable
Average Salary: $60,000
Job Outlook: Good

A house manager usually oversees the management of a residence, and is typically only in charge of one house. They provide a personalized service to their employer, and are likely to live in the home or somewhere else on the employer’s property. Traditionally they would have been in charge of large houses, but it’s becoming more common for busy people to employ them to oversee their family home, and sometimes the home can be less than 5,000 square feet.

Quite often a house manager will take on the role of Butler, but the role is largely dependent upon the employer’s other staff and their roles within the house. In general, the house manager will perform many of the same functions as a butler and has similar abilities. This means they are likely to answer the phone, greet guests and help organize parties and events within the home. This will involve making sure table settings are properly arranged and that the correct drinks and meals are served. A house manager needs to be knowledgeable about food and drink, and they are frequently in charge of household budgets and reordering supplies.

They will often assist with helping a family pack for travel, and may be responsible for the travel preparations. Sometimes they are required to act as a personal valet, and may be required to perform some housekeeping duties such as taking care of valuable china and crystal, and caring for clothing. They are also likely to be responsible for the maintenance of vehicles, and for coordinating and overseeing any work that needs doing around the residence. It is becoming more common for house managers to have to cook family meals in smaller households.

Anyone wishing to have a career as a house manager needs to be discreet, well organized, and able to anticipate their employer’s needs. They must be able to train and motivate staff, and should have excellent social and communication skills. It is their job to anticipate their employer’s needs and to make sure they are catered to, and to maintain an almost invisible presence around the house.

Education and Training Requirements

House managers frequently have qualifications in a hotel and restaurant management, and some may have attended formal butler school. However it is not necessary to have any formal qualifications for this position, and many people fall into this job through helping others run their homes.

Getting the Job

While it is not necessary to have any formal qualifications, if you wish to pursue this as a proper career and want to be in charge of large households then you are well advised to obtain formal qualifications. You can then go on to gain experience in the hotel and restaurant business before applying to be a house manager. This is an ideal position for anyone who has management experience of some kind.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook and Career Development

More people are employing a house manager, and whereas it used to be only the rich and famous who employed household staff it is now becoming far more common for busy families to employ staff, either full or part-time, and therefore the employment outlook for this job is reasonable.

It’s an ideal position for anyone who enjoys working with people, and who perhaps would like to live in different states or even a different country. Anyone who has proven themselves to be a good house manager could apply for other management positions within the hospitality industry. There is also the option to work full or part-time with this type of job.

Working Conditions and Environment

The working conditions for this position are likely to be extremely comfortable, as you are working for people who can afford to employ staff, and they are likely to have quite a luxurious home. However the conditions will largely depend on the employer and some people will definitely be a lot more pleasant to work for than others. The downside of this type of position is that it could well involve antisocial hours and a lot of weekends and evenings, as you will be expected to oversee social functions, and to generally ensure that the home runs smoothly at all times.

Salary and Benefits

An average salary for a house manager is around $60,000, although it can be anything between $40,000 and $80,000. House managers who work in more formal homes and who are required to supervise large number of employees will be able to earn more money.

Benefits are likely to include paid housing, meals, use of vehicles, insurance, and clothing allowances.

Where to Go for More Information

Domestic Placement Network
PO Box 1326
Ojai, CA 93024
(805) 640-3608

International Institute of Modern Butlers
411 Cleveland St.
Clearwater, Florida 33755
(813) 354-2734

School of Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208
(803) 777-6608

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