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Education and Training: Bachelor’s degree preferred
Average Salary: $30,000
Job Outlook: Fair

While you might think of a storekeeper as an old-fashioned guy in a white apron at the five and dime, the term has changed a bit in today’s world. It used to be that one storekeeper could keep up with an entire store, but today’s large department and grocery stores require multiple employees, one or two of whom will be employed to, literally, keep the stores or supplies and goods in a modern shop or store.

The actual responsibilities of a storekeeper will vary from place to place, but they are generally centered on shipping, receiving, and record keeping. The primary job of a storekeeper is to track all of the stores of wares in a certain department or for an entire store. When goods are running low, the storekeeper is the one to contact vendors to order more supplies. He is also responsible for ensuring that vendors live up to their contracts by delivering goods that are high quality, undamaged, and on time. The storekeeper is also responsible for all recordkeeping as far as tracking inventory, keeping shipping and receiving records, and analyzing sales to see how fast different products are sold.

Education and Training Requirements

While some storekeepers work their way into the position from a regular cashier’s job or similar position in a store, many come to the job with a bachelor’s degree, and most employees prefer that these manager-level employees have a bachelor’s degree in finance or a related field. Students who wish to become storekeepers should develop an eye for detail with business, math, and even statistics classes.

Much on the job training is necessary for storekeepers, since their jobs vary from one company to the next. Companies typically provide paid training, which may include some management training, since storekeepers often have management duties over other employees, as well.

Getting the Job

Storekeepers with some experience and education should apply directly for these positions, which may also be listed under other names, including store manager and stock room manager.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook and Career Development

The job outlook for this position, as for most managerial positions in retail, is fair. Job growth is not expected to be major, but a high turnover rate will lead to job openings in many areas.

Many storekeepers go on to advance to higher level management positions. Their experience and detailed record keeping can help them manage larger stores or inventories or move into similar positions within the retail industry.

Working Conditions and Environment

Storekeepers often work a combination of floor and office hours. While they may not directly take inventory – depending on the size of the store and the number of other employees – they are often responsible for being on the floor and in the store room to help ensure the accuracy of inventory counts. They are also responsible for compiling reports and keeping detailed records, as well as for contacting vendors online or on the phone.

This is not a particularly stressful job, though longer hours may be required during the holiday season when most retail stores ramp up business. Travel may be required to meet with vendors, and many storekeepers work odd hours, depending on their exact management duties and what type of retail they happen to be a part of.

Salary and Benefits

The average income for a storekeeper today is right around $30,000, though they can make anywhere from $25,000 to $35,000 per year, depending on experience as well as the type of store for which they are working. When this is a full-time position, it usually comes with healthcare and paid time off benefits.

Where to Go for More Information

National Retail Federation
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Retail Industry Leaders Association
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(703) 841-2300

Retail Merchants Association
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Richmond, VA 23230
(804) 662-5500

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