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Warehouse Supervisor/Manager

Education and Training: High school diploma, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree
Average Salary: $26,739 to $64,710 per year
Job Outlook: Good

The warehouse supervisor/manager is responsible for making sure the storage and distribution operations of the warehouse are well-organized. While the warehouse manager is responsible for the overall management of the warehouse and staff, the warehouse supervisor develops and maintains policies and procedures manuals, budgets, and reports.

The warehouse supervisor also ensures all warehouse equipment and vehicles function properly, handles customer and shipper inquiries, coordinates warehouse activities, and conducts safety and security training for all staff. In smaller organizations, the titles warehouse supervisor and warehouse manager are interchangeable and the duties are generally performed by one individual.

Warehouse supervisor/managers work in many industries i.e. healthcare, manufacturing, education, food processing, waste processing, and construction. A warehouse supervisor/manager wears many hats. Good business management practices, strong customer service skills, extensive knowledge of personnel/human resources, and superior mathematics skills are crucial to the success of a warehouse supervisor/manager.

Education and Training Requirements

High school students interested in working as a warehouse supervisor/manager should take computer courses in spreadsheets, word processing, and database software. In addition, good English and math skills such as statistics, calculus, algebra, and geometry, are necessary to handle the paperwork and duties that are a part of the job.

Although it is possible for a high school graduate with warehouse experience to gain employment as a warehouse supervisor/manager, most employers prefer candidates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business, supply chain management, or logistics as well as previous warehouse experience.

Getting the Job

Candidates who have previous warehouse experience and a college degree have the best chance of employment as a warehouse supervisor/manager. Additional training in warehouse or logistics management training will give a high school graduate with previous warehouse experience a better chance of gaining employment as a warehouse supervisor/manager.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook and Career Development

According to the 2010-2011 Career Guide to Industries, truck transportation and warehousing industry employment will increase by 11 percent from 2008 through 2018.

The warehousing industry is one that is dependent upon supply and demand. When the economic market performs well, there is a greater need for the warehouse industry. If there is an economic downturn and consumers spend less money, the warehousing industry will suffer along with other industries.

The Warehousing Education and Resource Council is one of several organizations that offers certification for warehouses that meet their standards in receiving and shipping, material handling and putaway, slotting, storage and inventory control, picking and packing, load consolidation and shipping, shipping documentation The Warehousing Education and Resource Council also has educational resources and events that help warehouse supervisor/managers keep their skills up-to-date.

Working Conditions and Environment

The working environment for a warehouse supervisor/manager is a hazardous one. Care should be taken to avoid injuries from handling materials improperly, falls or deaths from inappropriately placed items, or exposure to improperly handled combustible or hazardous chemicals. Safety is vital in the warehouse environment as the warehouse supervisor/manager is the safety leader and the example for all staff.

Salary and Benefits

According to Payscale.com, 2011 salaries for warehouse supervisors range from $26,739 to $56,291 and $27,236 to $64,710 for warehouse managers. Health benefits, vacation, and 401K plans are standard benefits for the industry.

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Warehousing Education and Research Council
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Warehousing Education and Research Council

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