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Medical Office Manager

Education and Training Master’s Degree
Average Salary $80,000
Job Outlook Good

Managing a medical office is a position of great responsibility. Medical Office Managers may be put in charge of managing an entire facility or just a department within the facility. A range of different managerial tasks are part of the role including managing staff, managing finances, setting targets, evaluating performance, devising and implementing policy, attending meetings and reporting to the board of directors.
The exact type of management expected varies depending on the nature of the facility or department which the manager in question is in charge of.

Education and Training Requirements

The most common qualification for someone who is seeking to be hired as a medical office manager is a Master’s degree. There are several Master’s Degrees which will be helpful in securing the role but the most advantageous is a Master’s Degree in Health Administration. Other relevant subjects to study at the Master’s Degree level include public administration and business administration. Smaller facilities may offer a candidate the job on the basis of having a relevant Bachelor’s Degree and work experience.

The educational journey towards becoming a medical office manager starts at the high school level of study. Good courses to choose at this stage include those relating to business and health. A Bachelor’s Degree is the next step and this should ideally be in health administration. If possible, candidates should seek work experience within a medical office. This work and educational background, coupled with a relevant Master’s Degree, is enough to fulfill even the strictest entry level requirements.

Getting the Job

Competition for medical office manager jobs can be fierce so it is essential for candidates to have the strongest possible combination of educational, professional, and personal achievements. The educational background outlined above is the key requirement for many employers. This will need to be coupled with a mature and responsible personality and the ability to work long hours and cope under pressure. Work experience in an office or managerial situation is also advantageous.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook and Career Development

The employment outlook for medical office managers is listed as good. The healthcare industry is expanding and diversifying and this will lead to a requirement for an increased number of office managers.
It is possible for Medical Office Managers to advance within this career by showing excellent on the job performance and coping with the demands of management on a consistent basis. This can lead to positions as the head of a department or other senior roles.

Working Conditions and Environment

Medical office managers will spend most of their time in the office which they manage. They are likely to be required to travel occasionally for meetings, conferences, and other official occasions. Depending on the nature of the medical facility, managers may need to travel to other departments for inter-departmental meetings. Like any managerial position, working as a medical office manager can be a stressful position of responsibility which requires the ability to cope with pressure and to work long hours when needed.

Salary and Benefits

The average salary for a medical office manager is $80,000 a year. Medical office managers who are just starting out in the role and working at smaller facilities may make just under $50,000 a year. Experienced managers at larger facilities can make in excess of $140,000 a year. Managers typically have access to an excellent package of benefits including top level health and dental care, sick pay, paid vacation, retirement plans, and often company cars, telephones, and laptops.

Where to Go for More Information

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One N Franklin St., Ste. 1700
Chicago, IL 60606.

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Arlington, VA 22201

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3755 Avocado Blvd., Ste. 306
La Mesa, CA 91941

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