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Medical Administration

Education and Training – Master’s Degree
Average Salary – $80,000
Job Outlook – Good

A job in medical administration is a role which encompasses the business aspects of the healthcare industry. The role is very similar to senior management positions in other industries. Medical administrators are responsible for overseeing the managerial side of a healthcare facility, such as a hospital, and this involves being responsible for personnel, policy, procedure, data, and similar areas. The exact nature of the role varies from facility to facility. It is a position of great responsibility as it involves overseeing and ultimately being responsible for everything that takes place within a particular healthcare facility. The position will usually be responsible for some financial matters such as budget allocation, department spending evaluation, and performance related bonuses.

Education and Training Requirements

The most common educational requirement for someone working in Medical Administration is a Master’s degree but in some cases a Bachelor’s degree will be acceptable. Specific degree programs in health administration exist at many major colleges and this is the preferred qualification to have as it prepares students for the specific demands of the role. The exact education requirements for new entrants into the field of medical administration differ from facility to facility. Smaller facilities are more likely to accept a Bachelor’s Degree or in rare cases pure on the job experience. This is due to the lower number of staff and lower budget to be managed at such facilities.

For someone looking to get into the field of Medical Administration, they can start selecting relevant courses from the high school level of study. It is a good idea to pick a mixture of courses relevant to health and management. Some good examples are biology, health, business, and mathematics. At college, a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration followed by a Master’s Degree in Health Administration is the ideal path to take. On the job training is always required for new medical administrators to learn the ins and outs of the policies and procedures in place at any given healthcare facility.

Getting the Job

The exact requirements of getting a job in Medical Administration depend upon the specific healthcare facility in question. Larger facilities will almost always require a Master’s Degree in healthcare administration along with some relevant work experience and the correct personality traits. Smaller facilities may be more flexible. Some settle for a Bachelor’s Degree while in extremely rare cases some may hire on the basis of on the job experience rather than formal education.

Aside from educational qualifications, Medical Administrators need to show they are responsible, detail oriented people who can manage large departments, deal with budgets, and cope under pressure.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook and Career Development

The job prospects are good due to the expansion of the healthcare industry. The number of jobs in administration will not rise as sharply as other healthcare jobs, but there will be an increase nonetheless. Career development usually involves being promoted to senior administration roles, moving to a larger facility or moving into consultancy.

Working Conditions and Environment

Medical Administration staff usually work within the office area of a healthcare facility. The majority of their time is spent in office although some travel to meetings and so forth is often required. It is a high pressured job which can involve long hours and a lot of responsibility.

Salary and Benefits

The average wage for someone working in medical administration is around $80,000 a year. People starting out in smaller facilities may earn an initial salary of about $40,000 while senior Medical Administrators in the most prestigious facilities can earn about $137,000 per year.

Where to Go for More Information

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2000 N 14th St., Ste. 780
Arlington, VA 22201

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2111 Wilson Blvd., Ste. 700,
Arlington, VA 22201

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3755 Avocado Blvd., Ste. 306
La Mesa, CA 91941

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