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Life Coach

Education and Training: Bachelor’s or master’s degree in counseling
Average Salary: $35,000 annually
Job Outlook: Good

A life coach is a professional that guides people who are not sure on what to do in their lives. A life coach is the sort of counselor who assists people with making choices about how to improve their personal and professional lives. They are also hired to help people define, set, and achieve goals. They motivate and encourage and they also try to keep you on track toward achieving your goals. They also show the right path to achieve the desired goals in life. Anyone who has a problem can approach a life coach for help. The problem can be related to family, career, finances, relationships, living environment, health, and spirituality.
Life coaches are also hired by corporate firms, business executives, CEOs, CFOs, etc. to improve their proficiency and skill. This helps them to have a better awareness of their personality and hence increased productivity.

Following are some duties and responsibilities of a life coach:

  • They provide a questionnaire to the client to assess the problem regarding their lives.

  • Through discussion and the answers of the questionnaire they identify the problem of the client.

  • According to clients abilities they set goals and objectives.

  • Discuss these goals with clients and finalize the goals.

  • They guide and monitor clients so they follow the plans as required.

  • Their task is goal oriented. If the goals are not achieved, they need to modify the plan to something more realistic and achievable.

Education and Training Requirements

To be a life coach one must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in counseling. As this job comes under the category of occupational counselors, it requires a state-issued license to practice.
Many institutes offer courses and training to learn the skills required for life coaching. Courses in management, organization, and leadership can be of big help for this career. A degree in psychology, psychiatry, social welfare, humanities, or any other related subjects is also preferred by the employers for the job of a life coach.

Organizations like International Coaching Council (ICC), International Guild of Coaches (IGC), International Association of Coaching (IAC) and International Coach Federation (ICF) offer the courses for life coach certifications. This certification helps life coaches get practical knowledge and it improves their credibility and job prospects.

Getting the Job

To be successful as a life coach along with the education, lots of skills are required. The life coach must be confident and knowledgeable enough to build and maintain a good rapport with the person. They must be patient and good listeners. In addition to this the life coach must have the skills to comprehend and respond with suitable suggestions and solutions to the client. Above all they need to have an honest desire to help others live a better life.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook and Career Development

In view of the fact that life coaching has become an essential part of corporate training programs, the scope of employment has improved. Demand for life coaches is increasing day by day because of the increase of the stress and tension at the personal or the professional front. Nowadays, nearly all firms with global presence employ life coaches who can guide the employees and assist the firm to scale great heights.
If you are determined, have big plans, and are financially sound, you can even build your own office or even institute for life coaches. You can even build a training center to train individuals interested in become a life coach and may hire a team of life coaches for wider work coverage.

Working Conditions and Environment

The life coach normally works at schools, hospitals, or any government or private institutes. They usually have separate offices.

Salary and Benefits

Salaries of life coaches vary greatly depending on the location, experience, qualification, and their reputation. In the initial years the salary of a life coach ranges from $20,000 to $35,000 annually. After gaining experience of five to ten years, they can earn about $50,000. Once they have established themselves in this field, there will be no looking back and they can undoubtedly enter the six figure salary range!

Where to Go for More Information

International Coach Federation (ICF)
2365 Harrodsburg Rd., Ste. A325
Lexington, KY 40504
(888)423-3131 or (859)219-3580

Life Coaching Institute
211 Century Dr., Ste. 215A
Greenville, SC 29607
(864) 282-8989

My Life Coach
Coldwater, ON L0K 1E6
(888) 332-3613

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