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Volunteer Coordinator

Education and Training: Arts or Commerce Background
Average Salary: Average pay ranges from $1,700 – $3,500 per month
Job Outlook: Good

As long as there exist philanthropic organizations in this world, a job position as a volunteer coordinator is a fairly good proposition. Since such nature of employment is dependent upon organizations that work towards causes of social concern and upliftment of certain classes, most people so employed are part time workers. Given the fact that the number of such charitable initiatives is increasing in the 21st century, the availability of such career openings is not rare.

A major reason why working as a volunteer coordinator may be very lucrative is that it allows people of diverse academic backgrounds to take up this vocation. Moreover, since such posts usually require only part time services, such a job can be taken up to augment a regular income from other sources.

Education and Training Requirements

For one to be eligible for the position of a volunteer coordinator there is no particular academic qualification that is a definite prerequisite. However, most institutions that employ such people, like agenda specific NGOs, private environmental initiatives, small old age homes, and centers for the underprivileged would probably prefer to employ someone who has studied the social sciences or fields that have an affinity towards humanitarian causes.

The basic role of a volunteer coordinator is to find and employ unpaid job assistants, possibly through advertising or PR networks, to organize and conduct the institutes’ various social and community events. This requires well honed organizational skills and management abilities. A volunteer coordinator should also be able to guide a workforce in the right direction, for them to be able to perform as expected. Also, some organizations expect their volunteer coordinator to supervise the arrangements of the events where volunteers are required. This latter responsibility also necessitates an aptitude for planning events.

Getting the Job

For anyone who wishes to be a volunteer coordinator, the most prudent option would be to directly approach all organizations requiring non paid assistants or ‘volunteers’ frequently. It may also be possible for the more experienced volunteer coordinators to set up their own enterprise that supplies volunteers to different organizations.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook and Career Development

Given the nature of the employment under question, it is a fair assumption that openings for growth and promotion as a volunteer coordinator are not many. However, this is not to suggest that there is no scope for career development and diversification. Since the job is most likely to be part time employment, one can make it a full time occupation by taking up the job in more than one organization and then coordinating the workload.

For those who gain experience in the field, setting up a private enterprise is also a viable option – a small committee – like workforces that headhunt for local volunteers who fit the requirements of charitable firms needing unpaid assistants. Thus, a volunteer coordinator can upgrade into an agency.

Working Conditions and Environment

A volunteer coordinator needs to interact directly with people and local enthusiasts who are willing to do volunteer work. Thus, a good amount of time would be spent on the phone, interviewing candidates, organizing event details, and managing the workforce. Also, a volunteer coordinator needs to develop good problem-solving skills and PR networks to deal with all kinds of crisis situations.

Salary and Benefits

Most volunteer coordinators will not be paid on hourly basis. Their remuneration is usually contractual and often on monthly basis in the bigger, well established organizations. They differ greatly from one institution to another. However, those working on a monthly basis, with a heavy workload can expect anything from $1,700 to $3,500 per month.

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