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Fashion Merchandising

Education and Training: High school
Average Salary: $22,280 per year
Job Outlook: Good

Fashion Merchandising is an amalgamation of processes that a new product must go through after its manufacturing at the designers end. It is often confused with Fashion Marketing, which is an entirely different arena of working. Those who are new to the field should first know about the role of Fashion Merchandising in manufacturing, promoting, and buying fashion items.

Education and Training Requirements

To obtain a job in fashion merchandising it is important to have a combination sense of both business and style. Having a true zeal for the field will help those interested in this career path. In fashion merchandising, it is very important to have a professional degree. Some schools and colleges offer diploma and degree courses in fashion merchandising to enhance the creative asset of a student. It also leads to a greater start with a degree rather than short-term courses.
In order to make it large here a fashion merchandiser must possess the three basic abilities to handle a career in fashion merchandising:

  • Forecasting Ability: Merchandisers should have apt and vast knowledge about the trends in past and current industrial developments which may affect fashion industries in near future.
  • Analytical Skills: A good head for business and an eye for style may take a fashion merchandiser to the peek of success, as a good analytical and solution providing ability would do too. This knowledge covers a broad view on how the budget must be set according to the requirements of the clients. Analyzing a business technique at the right time may prove beneficial for both the merchandiser.
  • Communication Skills: Communicating to your clients in an effective manner is what an Executive Secretary is supposed to do. From rates negotiation with manufacturers to advertising the message in the best possible manner to customers is the sole responsibility of a fashion merchandiser.

Getting the Job

Every department requires someone who understands the detailed information regarding the job and the product and a fashion merchandiser is someone who makes it all appear exquisite. The fashion merchandiser is someone who decides whether to reshuffle products and promote miss-match items as the latest trends or putting up an old item as new and as an exclusive trendsetter product. Fashion merchandising is using your skills and good knowledge to persuade clients to come and buy goods from the store.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook and Career Development

A fashion merchandiser should understand that the job is always related to the customers in one way or another. They are required to perform various applications while being an important part of this industry. Some of the things a fashion merchandiser is required to do are:

  • Go to fashion shows in order to update knowledge about the latest trends in fashion
  • Buy fashion items to study their productivity and other aspects
  • Be involved in advertising of the fashion items
  • Create and manage store displays

Working Conditions and Environment

Most fashion merchandisers work around 20 to 40 hours a week and can be required to work for even longer hours. Handling of materials can cause some accidents, but it happens in a few cases only.

Salary and Benefits

Fashion Merchandising is no different from any other career when it comes to their salary department. Like every other firm, an fashion merchandiser’s salary depends on the qualification and work location. The basic U.S salary of a Visual Merchandiser ranges from $36,000 to $55,000 whereas a Senior Merchandise Buyer’s salary ranges from $81,000 to $125,000. Fashion merchandising offers a great scope as a career and money along with some experience. Other Packages are:

  • Visual Merchandiser with 3-5 years experience: $32,881 – $52,785
  • Merchandise Buyer Assistant with at least 2 years experience: $37,310 – $46,036
  • Senior Merchandise Buyer Assistant with 2-4 years experience: $47,378 – $62,400
  • Merchandise Buyer with 2-4 years experience: $68,814 – $91,800
  • Senior Merchandise Buyer with 4-6 years experience: $83,408 – $116,750

Where to Go for More Information

Academy of Art University
Admissions Department
79 New Montgomery St., 4th Fl.
San Francisco, CA 94105-3410
(800) 544-2787

Ryerson University, (Ontario)
Ryerson Polytechnic University,
350 Victoria St.
Toronto, ON M5B 2K3
(416) 979-5000

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