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Front Desk

Education and Training: High school diploma or equivalent
Average Salary: $26,000
Job Outlook: Very good

Job Description

The job of running the front desk of a company is vital, as generally these employees are the first people that clients and customers speak to. If someone receives a good response from an employee on the front desk they will immediately have a more favorable opinion of the company. If they received a negative response it could cost the company business. It’s essential that anyone working in this position has excellent customer relation skills, and enjoys interacting with people.

The job responsibilities include greeting and receiving guests, and will generally mean answering the phone and operating a multi-line phone system. Front desk employees must also direct guests and staff, respond to complaints and service issues, and be able to competently deal with general questions. They must be computer literate, be able to file accurately, and distribute mail correctly. Depending on the operation, an employee at the front desk should be able to book appointments and follow-ups, take messages correctly, and may even be required to market the company.

Front desk positions are found in a large variety of companies including hotels, spas and all types of offices. Anyone working in a position of front desk can also be called an information clerk, receptionist, registrar or guest relations.

Education and Training Requirements

High school diploma or its equivalent. Some front desk employees may have higher qualifications, and this could be useful for anyone wishing to move into administrative positions. A lot of training is done on the job, although competency in Microsoft office or other office software will be necessary.

Getting the Job

Anyone wishing to work on the front desk should make sure they have good keyboard skills, and that they at least know the basics of Microsoft office, so if you currently lack these skills try and take a basic course, or brush up your knowledge as this will give you an advantage when interviewing. As you will be representing the company it is essential to look neat and clean, and to dress professionally. Any employee should also have a basic knowledge and understanding about the company they work for, so if you are attending an interview it is wise to do your research first.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook and Career Development

Job prospects for front desk are very good as this is one job that can never be automated, and there will always be a considerable number of positions available. It’s also a very versatile job. You can choose to work in a variety of settings including, governmental, police and other civil service departments, medical, legal and even the military.
Front desk employees usually have good office skills, and are an asset to any office. This means you have the choice of applying for other administrative positions and even administrative management positions.

Working Conditions and Environment

Working conditions and the environment for anyone on front desk are always likely to be good, and hours will generally be regular, although if you choose to work in the hotel or service industries you may be required to do shift work.

Salary and Benefits

An average salary for anyone working on front desk is around $26,000 while some very experienced employees may earn $40,000. For those who go on to become a front desk hotel manager, the salary is slightly higher at around $45,000. Benefits in this type of job are likely to be pretty standard, and will include paid vacation, and some may have health insurance benefits after a qualifying period. However some front desk employees may also receive discounts on services offered by their employer, which may be especially applicable to those working in hotels or spas.

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