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Sales Administrator

Education and Training: No formal education required. Bachelor’s degree in business related discipline preferred.
Average Salary: $27,520-$98,080
Job Outlook: Poor

Sales administrators, also referred to as sales managers or sales supervisors, work in a variety of industries where goods and services are sold to consumers or business-to-business. Sales administrators manage sales associates with the goal of increasing sales revenue for the organization. Sales administrators must help subordinates develop sales skills, close sales, establish relationships, and establish new business. Their job is to motivate the team and report sales figures to upper management. They are responsible for hiring, disciplining, dismissing, and training sales associates. Non-retail sales administrators work the advertising, insurance, industrial products, financial, and information technology sectors. Sales administrators must perform financial planning duties by preparing sales budgets and expense reports.

Education and Training Requirements

Education and training vary greatly. Some sales administrator positions require formal postsecondary education at the bachelor’s degree level while others do not. One common factor regardless of education attainment is the need for sales experience. Most sales administrators need at least two years experience before moving to the manager level. On-going training is common. Most organizations have their own training programs or utilize third-party sales trainers. Training is used as a way to gain industry knowledge, increase sales skills, and improve as a manager.

Getting the Job

Sales administrators typically start out as entry level sales people. Common job titles include account executive, sales associate, or sales executive. Sales managers who have a successful track record can move up to a sales administrator position which is common practice for successful sales people.

Sales administrator positions are advertised through typical communication channels such as internet job sites, sales journals and publications, newspaper classified ads, online classified ads, and company websites.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook and Career Development

Job openings are expected to increase by 5% through the end of the decade which is slower than the average occupation. Much of the stagnant growth can be attributed to lower consumer spending which has a trickledown effect on business-to-business spending and manufacturing. To save revenue sales executives are now asked to increase their workload and take on extra duties that were typically given to sales administrators. Also, some positions are being lost to oversees competition due to outsourcing.

Many people stay in sales and marketing positions their entire career. Longstanding sales professionals move into management and tend to stay in those positions for the remainder of their careers.

Working Conditions and Environment

The work environment varies depending on the industry. Many sales administrators split their time between the home office and visiting clients at their places of business or residence. Sales administrator positions are fast-paced and challenging. The job can be very stressful at times because of pressure to meet sales goals. There is also a high turnover rate which makes the job more stressful for the manager who tries to build a consistent sales force.

Salary and Benefits

Sales administrator salary varies tremendously. Retail sales managers make far less than non-retail sales administrators. Full benefit packages that offer medical, dental, vision, and retirement coverage is common. Paid commission and bonuses are also standard in both retail and non-retail positions. Most jobs also include paid vacation and sick days.

Where to Go for More Information

National Association of Sales Professionals
555 Friendly St.
Pontiac, MI 48302
(866) 365-1520

The Sales Association
2460 W. 26th Ave., Ste. 245-C
Denver, CO 80211
(720) 259-1250

SMEI – Sales and Marketing Professional Association
Ste. 1500 – 885 W Georgia St.
Vancouver, BC, V6C 3E8

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