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Intelligence Analyst

Education and Training: College, MBA or accounting CPA and specialized business training
Average Salary: $69,700 per year
Job Outlook: Very good

The job of a business intelligence analyst is to make use of his/her analytical skills and business expertise to assist a company in getting the most out of stored information. An intelligence analyst needs to be aware of all the challenges faced by the company and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the company so as to give relevant insight into it.

The intelligence analyst work is to thoroughly study and to prepare reports on a company’s stored information. To be an effective business intelligence analyst, you must have expertise in business, information storage systems and data analysis. In addition, you must be familiar with your company’s industry, the strategic goals, vision and mission of your organization.

The intelligence analyst is expected to maintain high levels of intelligence. It is normally essential to work with other business units and at times you are required to work with other business analysts as well. An intelligence analyst must also know how to dig out data from the warehouses and present them in user friendly ways. To facilitate report detailed concepts successfully, you should also possess excellent written and verbal communication skills. Intelligence Analysts can serve a broad range of organizations like technology, pharmaceutical or manufacturing companies. Some intelligence analysts may even work independently as private contractors or consultants.

Education and Training Requirements

To be an intelligence analyst, in addition to the basic education, you need to develop professional skills and industry-relevant knowledge. After completing high school, you should obtain a bachelor’s degree in an analytical field (computer science, statistics, business, marketing, etc) or an advanced degree in business (MBA) or accounting (CPA) from a college or university is also required.
Once you have completed college your education is not finished. You should keep yourself updated on current intelligence analysis developments by taking part in seminars, conferences and continuing education courses.

Getting the Job

Intelligence analysts need to have strong technical, business, and analyzing skills. Strong communication skills are essential in understanding user requirements and their requests and in providing solutions for their needs.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook and Career Development

Among all IT jobs in 2011 the business intelligence analyst is rated as the highest paid job. Nowadays as the business world is becoming more and more complex and as the business is becoming interdependent on countless factors for its success, the requirements for business intelligence analysts is increasing. If you have the ability to work under pressure, outstanding communication skills, analyzing sales and marketing information skills, and have excellent skills in organizing and presenting about market niches then your future in this profession is great.

Working Conditions and Environment

Intelligence analysts work in normal offices and in normal office environments. But frequently they have to work extra hours as per management requirements and business needs. This job may require a lot of traveling to present reports or presentations at shareholder meetings or different company offices.

Salary and Benefits

The average salary of an intelligence analyst is $69,700. Base pay for a primary business intelligence analyst ranges between $40,000 and $65,000 which is earned by intelligence analysts having one to five years of work experience.
Intelligence analysts generally receive typical benefits like health and life insurance, paid vacations and a pension plan. In addition, some may receive additional training as needed and bonuses.

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