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For Further Exploration


  • Clinton Cox, African American Healers. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2000. Profiles over thirty African Americans who have made significant contributions in medicine.
  • Lucile Davis, The Mayo Brothers: Doctors to the World. New York: Childrens Press, 1998. A biography of the world-famous doctors who established the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.
  • Francene Sabin, Elizabeth Blackwell, the First Woman Doctor. Mahwah, NJ: Troll Associates, 1982. Traces the early life of the first woman physician and describes the struggle women had to face in becoming doctors and practicing medicine.
  • Jill C. Wheeler, E.R. Doctors. Edina, MN: Abdo, 2002. Provides an inside look at life in the emergency room, including the doctors who work there.
  • Samuel G. Woods, Pediatrician. Woodbridge, CT: Black-birch, 1999. A personal look at the career of Dr. Ron Angoff, a pediatrician.


  • Carol Blackburn, “Exploring Career Options: Oncologist,” IMAGINE, May/June 1996. An interesting article about Dr. Bert Vogelstein, an oncologist who is one of the country’s leading cancer researchers.

Internet Sources

  • Carl Bianco, M.D. “How Becoming a Doctor Works,” How Stuff Works. www.howstuffworks.com. Written by an emergency room doctor who provides interesting information about how people become doctors.
  • Various Authors, “How Emergency Rooms Work,” How Stuff Works. www.howstuffworks.com. A very good explanation of what goes on in a hospital emergency room, written by an ER doctor.
  • Lelia Gray, “Town & Country,” University of Washington, September 1998. www.washington.edu. An interesting article about rural doctors, with information about programs in rural medicine.
  • Eugenie Heitmiller, “How Anesthesia Works,” How Stuff Works. www.howstuffworks.com. An informative write-up about what anesthesiologists do for patients.
  • Students Science Enrichment Program (SSEP), “Dr. Dana Gossett.” http.//ssep.bwfund.org. An interview with a doctor who talks about why she decided on a medical career, why she became an obstetrician, and what her job is like.
  • U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Jobs for Kids Who Like… Science,” March 28, 2002. www.bls.gov. An article about doctors: what they do, what their jobs are like, and how they prepare for a medical career.

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