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Health Club Owner and Manager Job Description, Career as a Health Club Owner and Manager, Salary, Employment

Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job

Education and Training Bachelor’s or Master’s degree

Average Salary $80,000 per year

Job Outlook Very good

Basic Job Description

Health club owners and managers oversee the day to day activities that go on in the health club establishment. They manage all the staff including physical fitness trainers, nutrition specialists, spa service providers and other employees that perform services they provide. They are also responsible for keeping equipment clean and in good shape and ordering new parts and supplies when needed. Health club owners and managers also use marketing strategies and techniques to promote their services and attract new customers. They will also use these strategies to perform analysis on types of new services they could provide for their club. Managers and owners will work with their employees to develop and schedule classes and come up with promotions they can advertise for customers. Health club owners and managers are in charge of all aspects of maintaining the business and making sure clients and employees are satisfied.

Education and Training Requirements

Health club owners and managers often have Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in business management or a related field. They need to understand all aspects of running a business, but also be well educated on physical fitness and mental and physical health. Some health club owners and managers are even skilled in physical training or other activities that are performed at a health club.

Someone who wants to open a health club will usually start off working in a health club as a manager or organizer that helps schedule classes and coordinate activities for customers. This allows a person to gain an understanding of how a health club is run and what types of activities are available.

Health club owners and managers will also have to obtain certificates and licenses that allow them to have certain equipment and host classes in their club. Depending on what an owner or manager plans to offer in the club will determine the types of certificates they need to obtain and keep updated.

Getting the Job

Health club owners and managers need to have a good business sense. They also have an understanding of what a health club member is looking for and what types of activities are useful to them. They must also understand finance and budgeting and be able to manage a large group of employees.

Health club owners and managers must have excellent communication skills and be willing to maintain an open line of communication with employees and health club members. Many members need to get to know the owners or managers on a personal level in order to know they are appreciated and getting excellent customer service. This business tactic is important because then the owners and managers will know exactly what the customers want.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook and Career Development

Health club owners and managers often start off with a small health club that offers basic services such as a workout gym and physical training sessions. Once a club gains a bigger clientele, they can expand their business by providing more services. Many health clubs grow to eventually provide services such as spa and massage services, community sports team opportunities, nutrition information courses, specific classes such as yoga or kickboxing, and whatever else their clients want or need. Many health club owners and managers will request that their members take an anonymous survey to let them know what types of services they would like or what areas the club can improve on. The more open the line of communication is between managers and their clients, the larger their business may potentially grow.

Due to the rising amount of education on physical health and fitness, it is expected that health clubs will discover an increase in clients over the next several years. Providing services that promote physical and mental health will attract and maintain customers that are looking to get in shape and educate themselves on how to stay healthy.

Working Conditions and Environment

Health club owners and managers typically work in an office handling the business details behind the health club. Owners and managers are constantly maintaining the budget and scheduling and coordinating classes as well as employee work schedules.

When health club owners and managers are not working in the office and handling paperwork, they are observing the day to day activities going on in the club. They will observe employees and make sure they are teaching and handling customers properly, make sure equipment is working efficiently and is clean and sanitary, and speak with customers regarding questions or concerns.

Health club owners may work long or unusual hours during a busy season or while some classes are going on. Many times they will work long after the club has closed to do paperwork if they were out working on the floor all day.

Salary and Benefits

The average salary for a health club owner or manager is about $80,000 per year. Owners usually make more than managers as they are in charge of the entire facility, but both have the potential to make a significant income depending on the number of clients and success of the business.

Health club owners and managers also receive health insurance plans as well as sick leave and vacation time. The owner of the club will often purchase health insurance plans for employees, and everyone working full-time will be able to get it.

Another benefit for health club owners and managers is that they have unlimited access to physical fitness equipment and classes. They are encouraged to stay in shape due to the nature of their job and to set a good example for clients, so working at a health club is beneficial to their health as well.

Where to Go for More Information

The International Health, Raquet and Sportsclub Association
70 Fargo Street
Boston, MA 02210
(800) 228-4772

National Independent Health Club Association
400 10th Street NW, Suite #229
New Brighton, MN 55112
(866) 484-9173

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