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Heat Treater Job Description, Career as a Heat Treater, Salary, Employment

Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job

Education and Training: Training Required

Average Salary: $15/hour

Job Outlook: Good

Job Description

A heat treater works to set up and operate various heating equipment. This requires specialized training as they must know how all of the equipment works and how it’s supposed to function. They are responsible for repair and many other things that are associated with these machines. They work with heat-treating furnaces, flame hardening machines, vacuum equipment, and other machines.
Not only are they responsible for repair and ensuring proper functioning and operation, but they are also responsible for the set up and details that surround it as well. They must work to record times and temperatures in the machines that they work within, to ensure that they are functioning properly. They handle the repair of these machines, even if they are with specific and small parts. They provide direction to those involved with the removal or installation of the larger machines, as they are very aware of what needs to be done for the proper functioning of these machines.
Heat treaters are experts in their field and they know how the machines are supposed to work. They are often looked to as others try to understand the appropriate environment for these machines to work within. They handle the set up and the cleaning of these machines and all of their parts, as there is often a specialization to that process as well.
They work to adjust temperatures for optimal functioning, and they handle all of the daily operation. They are called upon not only for repair, but also for evaluation. They provide instruction to others in the field and to those that they must work in conjunction with them to get all the necessary functioning and repair handled.

Education and Training Requirements

There isn’t necessarily any specific educational requirement associated with a heat treater, but there is training required. Though most in this field won’t necessarily possess a degree, they must be well versed in the necessary training courses to prepare them for their job. Training courses that provide a foundation on the machines and the repair process are quite important, and are essential to get a job in this field. There is often ongoing training required in this job as there are new machines and new repair processes that come about.

Getting the Job

Initially the best way to get a job as a heat treater is to complete the necessary training courses. Oftentimes the heat treaters will work in the field under a more experienced individual as much of the training comes on the job. As they build up their experience, they may have a better ability to land a job on their own. Experience is quite important in this career path as it ensures that the heat treater has worked with a variety of different equipment, and of course handled a variety of different repairs. As they are looked to as a subject matter expert, they are responsible for knowing the proper functioning and maintenance of these variety of machines. They must gain experience within a wide array of different areas, and work to perfect these skills as they work throughout their career. All of this will help them to get the job moving forward, and to keep employed throughout their career.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook, and Career Development

As this is a job with a very specialized training associated with it, there are great opportunities for those that know what they’re doing. After completing the necessary training, those entering the field can expect to enter the field in a more entry level capacity and work under somebody experienced. After they get the experience in the field, they may find that there are plenty of opportunities out there for them. Working for a union provides a great deal of security as there are opportunities to be had, and a bit of stability that might not be available elsewhere. Those who own their own company or work for themselves may find that there are challenges in and of themselves, but they are often quite successful in gaining the necessary work.

Working Conditions and Environment

Heat treaters may work in a variety of different environments depending on their specific type of employment. They may travel to client’s homes to help them with their repair and maintenance issues. They may work on a more commercial basis and help companies with their needs. They are often found working in workrooms or other areas where furnaces or specific equipment may be found. If they work with commercial issues, they may find themselves in more advanced areas where there is a lot of specialized equipment. They must be able to work quickly and calmly under pressure, as they are often looked to for the specific needs to get people up and running again. They need to demonstrate expertise and of course good attention to detail.

Salary and Benefits

The typical salary for a heat treater is around $15 per hour, but this can vary quite dramatically. One of the most important factors in determining the actual salary earned is the level of experience that a heat treater possesses. Beyond that, the employer and the geographical location that they work within has a lot to do with the salary earned as well. All of these factors may push the salary as high as $20 per hour or perhaps even more. This is generally an hourly position, so this may be one that is part of a union. If that is the case, then they may expect to earn generous benefits including paid time off, health insurance, and a retirement account. If they work for themselves, then they may be responsible for their own benefits.

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