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Computer Support Service Owner Job Description, Career as a Computer Support Service Owner, Salary, Employment

Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job

Education and Training Associates Degree

Average Salary $45,000 a year

Job Outlook Very good

Basic Job Description

A computer support service owner is one that owns their own information technology business that makes service calls and/or takes calls from clients. They run a consumer-oriented business that is focused on making sure the customer is properly equipped to do their job with a computer. This is done with employees that are hired for their experience in the technical field or with customer service experience. A computer support service owner will supervise all of these employees as well as handle the acquisition of new business and help in the retaining of older accounts. They will have an intricate knowledge of information technology (IT) as well as experience in the field, and will combine that with the responsibility of management to create a pleasant working environment.

Education and Training Requirements

Computer support service owners will need to have an associate’s degree as well as plenty of hands-on IT experience. They will need to be educated in management and possibly licensed for IT if a license is required for this type of business in their state. Most schools now offer an IT program, as well as many community and junior colleges. This makes it easy for the applicant to enroll and be accepted into any classes that are needed or required. Training will mostly consist of hands-on experience working with another company and can vary from lessons in management to lessons in how a computer works. There will also be training on what resources to use for problems that were not covered in training.

Getting the Job

In order to get a job as a computer support service owner, a student will need the right certification in order to be qualified in the field. Through training, a student will usually develop clients who will work with them and rely on their services for computer support needs. Once a computer support specialist gains a reputable amount of clients and has developed a reputation as a trustworthy support technician, they may be able to start a business of their own. Before starting a business, many will work for a larger company as their main support service provider to gain experience as well as observe basics on how a business is operated.

Computer support service owners will need to have patience, as they will work with many people who do not understand computer operations and will need help with a variety of basic operations. They will need to be capable of efficiently fixing any problems as well as explain to the customer how it was done or what they can do to prevent the problem from happening again. The most important part to keeping clients and maintaining their trust is to have patience and be reliable.

For a computer support service owner who plans to start a business of their own, the business owner will already have a secure amount of clients that are willing to keep doing business with them. They will understand basic business operations and be able to recognize talent in other technicians who are looking for a job and may be able to work for them. The company owner will hire employees who have an excellent understanding of the industry, are certified to work in their field, and have a proven track record of excellent and professional customer service.

Communication with customer is key to maintaining a successful and professional relationship. Without loyal customers, a computer support service owner will be able to maintain and continually grow their business.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook and Career Development

Prospects for a computer support service owner are very good right now as more and more people take the plunge into the digital age. With older and less tech-savvy people becoming inundated with technology, the more the need is for competent and hard working IT professionals to help them. The more IT people there are, the more the need for management and owners there are to meet those needs.

Employee outlook for a computer support service owner should be one of a positive nature. Based on the needs of those lacking in computer and software experience, the market has been opened up for those who are capable of helping the inexperienced. The computer support service owner should always be looking for areas in which to expand their business and their support network.

Working Conditions and Environment

Working conditions for a computer support service owner will consist of an office setting with occasional trips into the field to retain customers as well as to get new customers. In some instances, a computer support service owner will need to travel abroad if the business is successful enough.

There are times when the duties of a computer support service center owner will be stressful, however, it will be fairly light work. There won’t be much general labor; instead, the focus will be primarily on IT work as well as management duties. Times of stress will include dealing with customers that are irate or stubborn, or when dealing with employees and situations that might affect their lives directly. Things such as layoffs, firings, or confrontations will be contributing factors to a stressful job. In a management field, the computer support service owner must be able to tackle these challenges head on and use intellect as well as genuine concern and support to solve the problem.

Salary and Benefits

The salary of a computer support service owner will vary greatly depending on what his business clears every year. However, the average is around $45,000 a year. It can range anywhere from $35,000 to $75,000. This is based on experience and the success a computer support service owner has with his business.

In order to maintain a successful business, a computer support service owner must truly care about his customers and employees. The benefits that stem from this can include more time off to spend with family, more salary, and a better all around business.

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