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Groundwater Professional Job Description, Career as a Groundwater Professional, Salary, Employment

Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job

Education and Training Professional Certificate and License

Average Salary $55,000 a year.

Job Outlook Very good

Basic Job Description

A groundwater professional is someone who monitors how water from the ground flows into rivers, lakes and ponds. They also study the effect the groundwater has on those bodies of water by measuring salinity, mineral content and other factors. They will research different types of groundwater and help make decisions on how that water is treated so that it will benefit the specific kind of aquifer that a community or city needs. They will use computers to build 3-D models of the paths that groundwater takes on its routes to the body of water it contributes to. Upon completion of a model, a groundwater professional will review it for information, then relay this information to the people who make decisions about the water sources for communities and businesses.

Education and Training Requirements

Groundwater professionals receive a professional certificate through the state. The student will apply to take a state administered test, and upon completion and a passing score, will receive a certificate. Most groundwater professionals are required to take the state test every several years to keep their license up to date and familiarize themselves with changing environmental practices or technology advancements being incorporated into the industry.

Getting the Job

In order to get a job as a groundwater professional, one needs to have a desire to see cleaner water start making its way into homes and businesses. A groundwater professional needs to have the required certificate as well as background in the field. This can be gained by experience or schooling, but is very important to the job. An applicant will need to possess knowledge of computers as well as the programs that are used for model building and creating advancements in the industry.

The applicant will also need to possess skills with various tools used in the trade which are, but not limited to, piping equipment, pipe tools, and mining equipment. These tools require some measure of strength to use. The applicant will also need to be comfortable in cramped environments and be able to stand for long periods of time. They should also be able to handle extremes of hot or cold. The non hands on part of the job will consist mainly of working with computers in an office for the city or state in which you’re working for.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook and Career Development

There are many opportunities for groundwater professionals in today’s working world. Many cities and states utilize the services of more than one groundwater professional. There will also be opportunities in the military and overseas. There will be a need to re-license in each state or country, as licenses are non-transferable.

The groundwater professional’s outlook should be one of wanting to see constant improvements in the water that is pumped into houses or place of business daily. They should have an outgoing attitude and be able to work closely with laborers and elected officials to insure that everyone has knowledge of how groundwater affects each and every one of us. It is a behind the scenes job, so self-motivation is important. groundwater professionals should not expect many accolades for the work they do.

To develop the career of a groundwater professional, constant training and studying is needed. As our impact on the environment increases, so does the need for updated models and information on groundwater. Experience also plays a large factor in moving up in the industry. The salary is contingent with experience, so the longer a professional stays in the field, the more money there is to be made. There will be many opportunities for advancement if the applicant has good networking skills with elected officials, as they will be the primary source of employment.

Working Conditions and Environment

Groundwater professionals will work mainly in the field, but some time may be spent in offices. They will see a variety of conditions and will need to be able to adapt quickly. It is very important to employers for groundwater professionals to be loyal to what they do. The ideal groundwater professional will be passionate about their work and show care for cleaner water in facilities as well as improving the environment with their work.

The groundwater professional will have opportunities to travel just about anywhere that has a groundwater source or a public water system. They will also be able to work underground in an information rich environment, getting to see things that not a lot of people will ever experience. It may also give them the chance to see many different countries and cultures.

The environment of a groundwater professional will mostly be in the field, underground, observing pipe ways and underground water tables that affect drinking water. This environment will be cold and rocky with slippery surfaces and dangerous trekking over long distances. The groundwater professional will need to be in good shape and be able to handle themselves well in rough terrain.

Salary and Benefits

The average starting salary for a groundwater professional is $55,000 a year. However, with enough experience it can easily increase to over $70,000 a year. Benefits will be excellent if employed through a city or state agency, and will many times be free in that case.

Experience and professionalism will carry a groundwater professional very far in their career. Building relationships with elected officials will play a key part in the success or failure of jobs in a city or state position. A groundwater professional will need to possess very good networking and social skills, which will help in those positions.

Where to Go for More Information

National Ground Water Association
601 Dempsey Rd.
Westerville, OH 43081
(800) 551-7379

American Ground Water Trust
50 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 228-5444

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