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Hotel Executive Housekeeper Job Description, Career as a Hotel Executive Housekeeper, Salary, Employment

Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job

Education and Training: Associate’s Degree Preferred

Average Salary: $43,696 Annually

Job Outlook: Good

Job Description

A hotel executive housekeeper is responsible for the housekeeping function within a given facility. This doesn’t mean that they handle the actual day-to-day cleaning responsibilities, but rather oversee them. They are the first line of defense if a problem arises within the housekeeping function, and therefore they must keep apprised of everything that is happening within the department at all times.
The hotel executive housekeeper handles all functions associated with that department. Not only do they handle all of the managerial responsibilities, but they may also be responsible for managing the budget for the department as well. They are a part of the management team and therefore must be able to provide assessments and updates on what is going on within the housekeeping department at all times.
They handle all personnel issues in some capacity for the housekeeping function. They handle the hiring, firing, and disciplinary actions if they become necessary. They work by auditing and assessing how well the housekeeping function is working, and they provide any points for improvement. As they are solely responsible for the success or failure of the housekeeping function within that hotel, they must be able to account for all activities at any given time.
The hotel executive housekeeper must maintain relationships with all of the employees within their department. They are responsible for their performance and therefore must be present often. They often work in conjunction with other departments to ensure that the room and the grounds are clean, and that the hotel guest has a positive experience. They are responsible for ensuring that all of the necessary equipment is in place for their employees, and they handle any training that is necessary.

Education and Training Requirements

Though it is certainly looked on favorably if a hotel executive housekeeper has a degree, this isn’t necessarily a requirement depending on the employer. Having an associate’s degree is quite common in this position, and may be something that the individual works towards to get the position. Education isn’t necessarily as important of a factor in this role as is experience. There is a lot of on the job training, particularly for areas such as management, finances, and other related responsibilities. It can be expected that an individual in this role may receive a great deal of training within this role.

Getting the Job

Often times those that have worked for a particular hotel for a lengthy period of time may aspire to work up to this position. They may very well gain experience working as a housekeeper and then work their way up. This may prove to be an effective way to get the job as they know firsthand the responsibilities of the job, and more importantly the way that this department functions within the hotel. Any experience working in housekeeping can be quite valuable as it speaks to an understanding of the department and that’s key in this role. Sometimes an individual may be brought in from the outside to work in this role, but again having a general knowledge of how housekeeping works at a given hotel may be of great help in getting the job.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook, and Career Development

Though the hotel and travel industry isn’t necessarily one that does well in tough economic times, there are always people traveling. Therefore this may be a pivotal role within certain hotels, as it combines management and skills in housekeeping. Since housekeeping is an important function at every hotel, this plays into the fact that this role can be vital. Though you may find a hotel executive housekeeper wearing many different hats, this may add to their potential opportunities and career advancement.

Working Conditions and Environment

Though the type and environment of the hotel may vary, the environment is always quite similar. As you would expect, this role is centered in a hotel. They serve in a dual role and therefore may expect to have an office, but to walk around the hotel quite a bit. They are constantly moving about to survey the conditions and to see the job that housekeeping is doing within the hotel. They also must interact with other departments, and therefore may feel as though they are moving about the hotel constantly. This all adds to job security overall, but can also provide a certain level of stress. It’s important that an individual in this role have the ability to wear a number of different hats, and that they have the ability to deal with stress and different personality types.

Salary and Benefits

The average salary for a hotel executive housekeeper is around $43,696. As this is however a less than traditional type of job, there are many different factors that may play into the variance in this salary range. Depending on how many people this individual manages, there may be variances in the salary range. The geographical location most definitely plays a factor in the salary earned, as does the type of environment or hotel that they work for. These are generally full time employees of the hotel, and depending on the type of hotel they work for, they may expect to receive full benefits. It is usually expected that they earn a minimum of health benefits and paid time off, but they may even earn a retirement savings account and other benefits in some instances.

Where to Go for More Information
International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA)
1001 Eastwind Drive, Suite 301
Westerville, Ohio 43081-3361
(614) 895-7166

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