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Fashion Coordinator Job Description, Career as a Fashion Coordinator, Salary, Employment

Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job

Education and Training: Associate’s Degree

Average Salary: $48,000 Annually

Job Outlook: Good

Job Description

Though they may work in a variety of different environments, fashion coordinators are most notably found within retail stores, fashion magazines, or design houses directly. They work to create a unified look and feel that is in line with the latest fashion trends. They work to ensure that the looks portrayed are in line with the latest fashions, and that the advice that they give is current in nature.
A big part of the job of a fashion coordinator is to research and understand all of the latest fashion trends. This comes in the way of reading fashion magazines, keeping up with fashion websites, and building relationships within the fashion world. Having good solid relationships with designers and top labels can help to ensure that fashion coordinators stay ahead of the trends, and therefore offer up the advice and consultation to go along with that.
They work to make sure that the latest fashion trends are reflected in the clothes that are offered if they work within a department or retail store directly. Another important aspect of their job may be to educate retail salespeople on these trends and how customers can get the best use out of it. They offer tips, critiques, and often show examples so that retail salespeople and clients alike can learn from these cues. If they work for a publication or design house, they must ensure that the latest fashion trends are worn and put out there to show an understanding.
They often work in a liaison role between their primary place of employment and the design and fashion industry. They must stay on top of the latest trends, and work to obtain the textiles, fabrics, and supplies that go with it. They are considered to be a subject matter expert in their area, and therefore must be prepared to field questions and offer expertise at anytime.

Education and Training Requirements

It is usually expected that a fashion coordinator has a bachelor’s degree, though in many instances an associate’s degree may be suitable. The fashion coordinator is not an entry level position, though it does involve a great deal of learning on the job. It is often of great help if the fashion coordinator has some sort of background within fashion, even if it is just a strong interest. Having any classes within fashion design, merchandising, or related disciplines may be of great help in preparing a fashion coordinator for their job.
They may expect to learn a great deal on the job, much of which can’t be taught in the classroom. Fashion coordinators generally learn a great deal from their relationships with designers or other industry experts. They get to learn and become quite confident with their skills as they advance within their career.

Getting the Job

Initially one of the best ways to get the job is to have some sort of education or classes coupled with a strong interest in fashion. In this industry, it’s important to dress the part and to keep up with current trends. Beyond that, experience plays a rather large role in getting the job. As a fashion coordinator moves on within their career, they can expect their expertise and their relationships within the fashion industry to play a big role in the types of jobs that they may receive.
Relationships play a big factor in getting this type of job and may even open the door to future opportunities. It’s all about who you know as well as what you know. As a fashion coordinator, it’s imperative that you know how to convey the latest trends and boil them down to a point where the customer can understand and buy into them. Staying ahead of the trends will be of great help in getting jobs in the future and growing a career within this capacity.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook, and Career Development

Though the fashion world can be a rather competitive one, there is good demand for those fashion coordinators who truly understand what they are doing. Expertise speaks volumes and those who show a great aptitude can expect to enjoy great career growth. In tough economic times, there may not be as many positions within this role, but there is always some sort of need. As fashion always plays a role in society, there is always a need for a good fashion coordinator. This isn’t necessarily expected to grow as fast as other roles, but they are usually employed at top publications and stores. Those that are good at their job may expect to have other opportunities come their way.

Working Conditions and Environment

The typical environment for a fashion coordinator may vary quite significantly. They may work within a fashion publication, for a designer specifically, for a design house, or for a department or retail store directly. They may have times where they can properly manage their workload, but these are mixed with a great deal of stress as well. As relationship building is an important part of the job, they may expect to travel or meet with clients or designers on a regular basis. They are often required to be quite competitive and this can bring some stress to the job at times, as others in similar roles are also working to stay ahead of the trends.

Salary and Benefits

The average salary for a fashion coordinator is generally around $48,000 per year. This can however vary quite significantly. Depending on the type of environment or employer that they work within, there can be much higher or lower differentiations. Additionally geographical location may play a factor in the level of salary earned, as those working within a big city can often command more. The level of experience that a fashion coordinator possesses may impact the salary earned. So long as they are a full time employee of the company that they work for, which most are, they may expect to earn full benefits including paid vacation and holidays, health benefits, and even a retirement account.

Where to Go for More Information
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National Association for Retail Marketing Services
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