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Electroplating Worker Job Description, Career as a Electroplating Worker, Salary, Employment

Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job

Education and Training: High School Diploma

Average Salary: $32,000 Annually

Job Outlook: Good

Job Description

An electroplating worker is a general labor and sometimes entry level position. It does however involve a great deal of effort and attention to detail. An electroplating worker works to either load or unload electroplating equipment or may even work to assist the plater directly. They fasten metal pieces to devices that can include anything from hooks and racks to bars or loads. They usually handle all of the various aspects of the plating process including cleaning, plating, pickling, and even rinsing tanks.
They must be focused within the timing cycles so that they can keep up with them and ensure that all functions happen appropriately. They carry work pieces from the conveyer to their appropriate station to make it through the electroplating process. They ensure the appropriate temperature of the tanks that are involved in this process as well. They activate the electroplating process within the tanks, and therefore play an integral role to the entire electroplating process.
Once they take the work pieces from the electroplating machines and process, they are involved in quality control. They must ensure that the pieces are free of any flaws or defects, and this can be a very important role. Once they work through the quality control aspect of the job, they then get the work pieces all packed up to move them on in the process. They replace any damaged parts to ensure that proper quantity levels are met as well.
They handle the clean up and set up of the machines used in the work plating process. They ensure not only that the proper number of pieces are produced, but they ensure that the line and the machines are ready for future use as well. They are very involved in the process and play a role in almost every step of it along the way. They may be assigned to any number of roles within the process including the Cleaner, the Rack Cleaner, the Racker, and the Sawdust Drier. In a smaller environment they may be involved in a variety of different roles as necessary.

Education and Training Requirements

As this is a general labor type of position, there isn’t usually a specific educational requirement associated with it. Generally it is expected that the electroplating worker maintains at least a high school diploma, and in some instances that may be required. Much of the training however will come about on the job, specific to the role that they perform. As there are a few different specific roles that an electroplating worker may handle, the training may vary by role. Keeping up with the training and learning how other roles work and understanding how they all link together can help an individual to gain valuable training and experience to grow within this role.

Getting the Job

As this is a general labor type of job, there aren’t often a set number of requirements to get hired. Any background working in this type of environment or within a related role can most certainly help an individual’s chances of getting the job. This can be an entry level position and therefore the competition may be high, so personality and related experience may play a pivotal role in getting the job. Anything that an individual can do to demonstrate related experience or even interest can be of great help.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook, and Career Development

Since this is a general labor position, there may be a good demand for this type of job. As there are many organizations and factories that require this type of worker, this may help the chances of an individual getting such a job. Any experience of electrical processes or work background in such an environment may be of great help. As it can sometimes be a more entry level position in some instances, competition may be high but so can demand. Many workers in this position can tend to grow with this job and move into supervisory or higher level jobs if they demonstrate aptitude and ability.

Working Conditions and Environment

The typical working environment for this type of job is that of a factory. This is usually a process that is done on a line of sorts, or that works closely with other team members to ensure that the job is done. Since the electroplating worker plays such an integral role within this type of work, there may be some stress and challenges that come up. When these workers are trying to get to a certain quota or working to ensure quality control, there may be great pressure put on them and this may even turn into overtime. Generally this type of work is pretty straightforward after training is provided, and the individual can pick it up and stick with it as they go forward. However in some times there may be stress brought about, and the electroplating worker should be prepared to handle that accordingly.

Salary and Benefits

The average salary for an electroplating worker is generally around $32,000 annually. Though this is the average, there are numerous factors that may create a rather wide range. The years of experience, the geographical location, and the specific type of employer all may factor into the salary that an electroplating worker may earn. Additionally in some instances, an electroplating worker may earn an hourly salary or may work on a contract basis for a given employer. In this instance, they may not receive much in the way of additional benefits. However in many instances, electroplating workers may expect to receive a very generous package including health insurance, paid time off, pension, and others dependent on the employer.

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