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Training/Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s degree

Median Salary: $150,000 per year

Job Prospects: Good

Job Description

At the most simplistic level, an ambassador acts as a representative for her or his home country. Ambassadors usually live in a country different from their home one and work as a delegate for and representative of their home country in votes and activities. This means that they are responsible for understanding the culture in which they live as an ambassador, but they must always work to keep the best interests of their home country in mind.

Ambassadors serve as delegates for the United Nations. They are expected to represent the views and standpoints of their home country, and therefore must vote on issues accordingly. They work with other ambassadors to pass legislation that will bring positive change to all countries involved. Ambassadors are responsible for understanding the world’s key issues.

Another major part of the ambassador’s role is his or her reporting function. Because ambassadors serve on different administrative bodies and committees, they must gather lots of facts and regularly report back to their home country. Their home government then makes important decisions based on this information.

There are various ways that somebody can serve as an ambassador, whether it be to a different country, on a specific administrative body, or with the United Nations, but the responsibilities of the role are quite similar across locations. As they are all representatives with different focuses, ambassadors must balance serving as diplomats within the country or body that they serve and gathering and reporting information. Ambassadors are true liaisons, as this is the main focus of their responsibilities.

Training/Educational Requirements

Serving as an ambassador is often a stop on the career path for government officials, so the training and educational requirements may vary by the individual. It is expected that most ambassadors have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, though many also hold graduate degrees as well. The most important background for this role is political or government experience, as this will be a key factor in an individual’s success as an ambassador. Those who want to be ambassadors must keep up with current events and policies so that they are informed and prepared for their role. Because an ambassador is a very high-level diplomatic position, those wishing to become ambassadors must have positive relationships with those who make the appointments.

How to Get Hired

The best way to get hired into the role of an ambassador is to build relationships with government officials. Most ambassadors are appointed to their role, often by a high-level government official, including a country’s president or leader. Building experience, relationships, and visibility within the political world is the very best way to get hired. It’s important that an individual prove herself or himself trustworthy and informed on current issues and policies.

It can help to have ties or relationships in other countries if an ambassador wishes to be hired into a specific role. Speaking the language or having family roots in a specific country may help to increase an individual’s chances of getting hired into an ambassador role in that country.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook, and Career Development

There is always a need for ambassadors, and that means that there are always potential job opportunities. It depends on when the specific jobs open up, as they are based on appointments, but there is usually a need for an ambassador in some capacity. The scope of the role may vary, and some jobs may require a more seasoned individual, particularly those positions in the United Nations. This is usually a very high-level ambassador position and requires previous related work experience.

As there is always a need for ambassadors, those who want to become ambassadors should keep always visible with those who will make the appointments. The hiring cycle for this role varies and is dependent on when the appointments will take place.

Working Environment

The typical working environment for ambassadors may vary based on the specific scope of the work. Most of the time, ambassadors work in a country other than their own as a representative of their homeland. Though they may have a nice office in this country, there is usually a great deal of travel involved. These ambassadors may travel within the country they serve in and may also travel back and forth between there and their home country.

If an ambassador serves in the United Nations, he or she will have a private office and will work with others in a large and rather grand conference room. Travel is almost always involved in this role, and therefore the work environment may vary quite dramatically day to day.

Salary and Benefits

Just as the responsibilities and focus of an ambassador can differ, so too can the salary for this position. The average salary for an ambassador is about $150,000, but the range may vary between $145,400 and $154,600. The benefits are usually quite generous and comprehensive for this position and include paid medical coverage, paid vacation, sick days, holidays, and a pension plan. There are often other benefits associated with this position, but it varies on the scope in which the individual works.

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