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Automatic Teller Machine Servicer Job Description, Career as a Automatic Teller Machine Servicer, Salary, Employment

Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job

Training/Educational Requirements: Associate degree preferred

Median Salary: $17.54 per hour

Job Prospects: Fair

Job Description

An automatic teller machine servicer repairs and restores automated teller machines (ATMs) on an as needed basis. They provide general service to these machines such as removing the money canisters, and replenishing materials used at an ATM such as envelopes and deposit slips. Although most of their job is focused on maintenance, there is a fair amount of repair required, too.

Automatic teller machine servicers travel to various ATMs and remove deposits put in each night. They compare the amounts to those recorded on the log to be sure there are no discrepancies. This requires solid math skills, the ability to review and compare information, and excellent attention to detail. A big part of this role involves being trusted to handle servicing of these machines which is a primary source of money for the bank.

As part of their responsibilities, automatic teller machine servicers often work on testing the machine. The banks ensure the ATMs are working properly for their customers. Therefore, this regular maintenance is an important part of the process. They run regular diagnostics tests to ensure the machines are working properly and keep up with maintenance.

Automatic teller machine servicers are also called if there is a malfunction with the machine. They are the first line of defense in providing repair to an ATM, so they must know how to handle different problems that may occur. This is an important role to a bank or financial institution since many customers rely on ATMs for their banking needs.

Training/Educational Requirements

Most automatic teller machine servicer positions require an associate degree, with a strong focus on electronics. This educational background and the classes involved in this degree prepare an individual for this role. Most employers require this educational background as they feel it best prepares automatic teller machine servicers for their important role.

Additional training may be required to keep up with current trends in repair. If new ATMs come out or new features are added, there is the potential for additional training. It’s important for automatic teller machine servicers to keep their skills current and know all functions that ATMs feature. Additional training can also be helpful for career advancement.

How to Get Hired

The best way to get hired is to obtain an associate degree in electronics. This demonstrates the individual has received the necessary training and is ready to take on the job. In fact, any experience gained in working as an automatic teller machine servicer increases the chances of getting hired. A background and experience in this capacity is a surefire way to getting hired.

There is the potential to get hired into this position if working in a related repair role. If an automatic teller machine servicer shows they worked in a similar electronics repair position, their chances of getting hired increases. Banks and financial institutions want to know the individuals they hire are not only trustworthy, but demonstrate an ability to handle repairs and maintenance of ATMs.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook, and Career Development

Unfortunately this is not an occupation in a high growth mode. Those with the proper training and experience are sure to get hired quickly, however, this is an occupation expected to have slower than average growth. Many of these positions are already filled, and the only way of breaking into the role of an automatic teller machine servicer is from turnover.

As those currently working as automatic teller machine servicers retire or move onto different roles, openings arise. However, openings are not expected nor is much growth in this specialized field.

Working Environment

The typical working environment for an automatic teller machine servicer is traveling from ATM to ATM. Individuals in this position typically travel by car to the ATMs that are part of their route and provide nightly maintenance. Usually these ATMs are at a bank or financial institution, but some are in a public venue such as a mall, movie theater, or restaurant. Those working as automatic teller machine servicers may not have an office, but may conduct business out of their vehicle.

They spend most of their time traveling or at the ATM that requires maintenance or repair. They interact with individuals at the banks or locations of ATMs, and should be prepared to deal with a variety of personalities. This can be an interesting job as each day brings something new. There is usually an ATM in need of repair in addition to regular maintenance.

Salary and Benefits

The average salary for an automatic teller machine servicer is around $17.54 per hour, however salaries vary widely. The range for this position is typically anywhere from $13.56 and $22.44 per hour. This variance is based heavily on experience, employer, and geographical location. If working as a part of a larger company, for example a bank or repair company, they earn standard benefits such as paid vacation, sick days and medical coverage. However, benefits can vary depnding on the employer and nature of the job.

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