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Training/Educational Requirements: Certification

Median Salary: $30,000 annually

Job Prospects: Very Good

Job Description

Aromatherapists are a relatively new career path for many people. As the push for healthier and more natural living continues, so does this thriving career. Aromatherapists work closely with various fragrant scents to provide a natural form of healing. This more natural and holistic form of healthy living is becoming a preferred method to traditional medicine for many patients.

Aromatherapists work in different roles. They work in a shop where they handle various fragrant and essential oils. They use their knowledge to educate others and sell essential oils and other products to customers, encouraging a healthy and natural healing method. Aromatherapists also work in education where they inform others of the virtue of natural healing.

This career can take on many different paths. Most aromatherapists work in a holistic medicine clinic or at a high end well-being spa. Aromatherapists work with clients and use powerful fragrances provided by essentail oils and other products for healing. They perform massages and use fragrant oils to heal conditions such as chronic headaches or pain in the body. Oftentimes they work with other healers in a holistic health clinic to help patients with a variety of conditions. An aromatherapist, for example, may work hand in hand with an acupuncturist to provide a mix of different healing methods.

To be successful as an aromatherapist, one must have an acute knowledge of various fragrant oils and what each one provides. They must keep up on current trends so they can heal their patients. They work closely with clients through consultations to determine the best course of treatment. They also accommodate their clients’ needs by evaluating which products are working and which need replacement. They have close contact with patients or clients who come to them for healing or spa service.

Training/Educational Requirements

In most instances, it is not only preferred but required that an aromatherapist have some sort of training and certification. This ensures they are fit to handle patient or client contact and have the appropriate training. More programs are popping up in aromatherapy and are usually associated with cosmetology or holistic medicine education programs.

Even though certification is not required, it certainly helps in the career path of an aromatherapist. A certification can help them land a career in a holistic medicine clinic or a high end spa, which will lead to higher salaries and more opportunities for growth. To work in a natural health store for example, certification may not be as important as general knowledge on aromatherapy. However, as this career becomes a popular trend, having a certification can helpful.

How to Get Hired

The best way to get hired is to have aromatherapy certification under your belt. This demonstrates general knowledge of the subject, and shows the individual has passed all required exams and has the ability to do the job. This becomes especially important if aromatherapists wish to get hired at a holistic medical clinic or wellness spa. As client consultations and contact is an integral part of such a role, having a certification can be a key element of getting hired.

Demonstrating knowledge of aromatherapy is another excellent way to get hired. This can be achieved through previous aromatherapy work experience, or by teaching or writing about aromatherapy. Having published work or teaching others can provide a foot in the door, particularly if interested in a holistic medical clinic. As this form of alternative medicine continues to thrive, demonstrating experience and knowledge will prove to be the best way to get hired.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook, and Career Development

As the trend towards natural and healthy living continues to grow, so too will the need for aromatherapists. This is an up and coming career path that’s part of a different way of viewing traditional medicine. Therefore, it can provide some excellent opportunities for those interested in this field.

As many people try to lead healthier lives or turn away from standard medical practices and potentially toxic medications, they may look to holistic medical clinics and wellness spas as an alternative. This means these two facilities will see an increase in patients and clients alike, and will increase the overall demand for aromatherapists. This not only benefits those interested in this line of work but patients, too.

Working Environment

The work environment for an aromatherapist depends on the individual’s career path. Since most aromatherapists choose a career in a holistic medicine clinic or wellness spa, they can expect this type of working environment. In a holistic medicine clinic, the working environment is similar to another physician’s office. There is a waiting room, front desk, and rooms for patient consultations and treatments. It is usually more relaxed than a typical physician’s office since it is not overcrowded, and the focus is on overall wellness. There may be soft music playing in the background to create a serene setting.

For an aromatherapist that opts to work in a wellness spa, it is like any other related environment. This is typically a relaxed environment that caters to the pampering of clients. Since clients pay substantial money to be there, they expect top notch service. There are treatment rooms where the primary focus is relaxation and pampering. Therefore, the aromatherapist often works with other team members on other treatments or other client services.

Some aromatherapists work in a health food store which is typical of any retail environment. Alternatively they may opt to work in a more educational environment such as a classroom.

Salary and Benefits

An aromatherapist is a relatively new career, and therefore the salary range can fluctuate greatly. Aromatherapists can expect to earn anywhere between $15,000 and $45,000 per year depending on their career choice. Aromatherapists work in a wide array of environments, which can affect the pay structure and benefits. Within a spa or holistic facility, aromatherapists can work part-time with no benefits. In an educational role, an aromatherapist can expect standard benefits such as a paid vacation and medical benefits. Most aromatherapists, however, work on a part-time or independent basis, and are responsible for their own benefits.

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