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Online Marketing and Advertising Specialist Job Description, Career as a Online Marketing and Advertising Specialist, Salary, Employment

Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job

Education and Training:— College degree

Salary: Median— Online Marketing specialist: $54,000 annually, Online Advertising Specialist: $67,000 annually, Online Advertising Marketing Specialist: $72,000 annually.

Employment Outlook:—Good

Since the Internet has made it easier and cheaper to distribute information and media to a worldwide audience, companies are hiring specialists to look after this aspect of marketing. Internet marketing goes beyond just using digital media to promote a company; it also includes electronic customer relationship management (ECRM) systems and digital customer data. Online marketing specialists also measure and track the effect of their campaigns by using Web analytics.

Internet advertising specialists use search engine result pages, Rich Media, Web 2.0 strategies, email, social networking sites, and also mobile devices. Online advertising specialists work with marketing and advertising managers, creative artists, and copy writers to create advertising content for promoting the company and its products via the Internet.

Education and Training Requirements

In order to become an online marketing and advertising specialist, candidates need to have a college degree in marketing, advertising, or communications. Over a thousand universities, colleges, and technical and vocational schools offer courses in marketing. Numerous advertising programs are also offered by universities and colleges. However, professionals who specialize in online marketing and advertising have to keep themselves updated about advances in technology related to the Internet.

Getting the Job

Online marketing and advertising professionals may work as a part of the in-house marketing and advertising departments of companies, or in agencies that offer services to clients. Information regarding marketing and advertising positions is available in newspapers and on Internet job portals. Professionals may also operate as independent consultants.

Advertising professionals often have to present their campaign plans to clients on an assignment basis. They get paid when campaigns designed by them are accepted.

Advancement Possibilities and Employment Outlook

Promotion and advancement in this field depends on professional experience and performance. Some companies bear the educational expenses of employees when they undertake additional courses in the field of advertising and marketing. Employers often sponsor conferences and seminars organized by professional societies, and encourage their employees to participate in them.

Since the Internet is a cheap and convenient mode of marketing and advertising, all companies have to employ Internet based marketers and advertisers to stay ahead of competition. Employment opportunities in this field are expected to grow by 12% in next few years.

Working Conditions

Online marketing and advertising professionals work in clean and comfortable offices. They may frequently be under pressure, especially when deadlines have to be met. Long hours are not unusual, and often online marketing and advertising professionals end up working more than 11 hours a day. One may also need to work during weekends. Unlike other professionals in their field, online marketing and advertising specialists may not have to travel to studios or outdoor locations. However, some traveling is a part of the job because advertisers usually present or ‘pitch’ their strategies to prospective clients.

Where to Go for More Information

Internet Marketing Association
Administration Office Headquarters
10 Mar Del Rey
San Clemente, CA 92673

Interactive Advertising Bureau
116 East 27th Street, 7th Floor
New York, New York 10016

Internet Society
1775 Wiehle Avenue
Suite 201
Reston, VA 20190-5108

Salary, Earnings and Benefits

The annual salary range for Internet marketing coordinators in the first year of employment is from $33,373 to $46,452. Experienced professionals earn over $60,000 annually. Entry level salaries for online marketing managers are between $34,392 and $55,955 per year, while experienced managers can earn more than $120,000 a year. In the case of online advertisers, the median annual salary is $67,000.

Online marketing and advertising specialists are given regular benefits like paid leaves and vacations. In addition, they are eligible to get bonuses equivalent to 10% of their pay.

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