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Video Game Producer Job Description, Career as a Video Game Producer, Salary, Employment

Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job

Education and Training:— College degree and specialized training.

Salary: Median— $78,716 annually

Employment Outlook:— Good

Video game producers are basically responsible for supervising the entire process of development of a video game. However, the roles vary greatly depending on the kind of company and team one is working with.

Internal video game producers are a hands-on unit and work with a developer. External producers work for game publishers, and are responsible for managing multiple projects on which several different groups of developers work. They are often referred to as executive producers. Line producers, on the other hand, work on the costing and project management aspects of video game development. Their primary duties involve keeping projects within the budget and ensuring their timely delivery.

Video game producers oversee the technical and creative development of video games, arrange for beta testing, ensure quality and timely delivery of projects, as well as maintain budgets. In addition, they are required to negotiate contracts and licensing deals, and act as a liaison between publishers and development staff.

Education and Training Requirements

Candidates wishing to become video game producers should opt for post secondary education in English, business administration, or related fields. One can attend programs offering education and training in game designing, development, and production. A number experienced designers and producers run schools that offer programs for video game producers. It is also beneficial to intern at small developer and software firms. Such training provides students valuable insight into the various aspects of video game production like testing, designing, and marketing.

After graduation from college, one can also attend courses in animation, music, and script writing. These give one’s candidature an edge over competitors in the field, and also help gain a foothold in the industry.

Getting the Job

The most effective way of getting a job in the video gaming industry is by creating a video game and including it as a part of the portfolio. This is a great way of letting potential employers know of one’s knowledge and expertise. Job openings for video game producers are often advertised in job sites on the Internet. One can also apply for entry level positions with software developers and music studios. It might also be a good idea to seek employment in the fields of software testing and sound engineering. Such work experience helps one get an idea of one-on-one communication and logistical planning, and can come in handy in later years.

Advancement Possibilities and Employment Outlook

Work experience plays a very important role when it comes to career advancement in this profession. Video game producers should, in addition to project management, have knowledge of some other major discipline like art, programming, sound engineering, or designing. Career prospects are extremely favorable for those with good verbal and written communication skills, and analytical thinking abilities. With sufficient experience and expertise, one can seek better positions in large corporate setups. Executive producer positions are particularly lucrative, both in terms of compensation and career opportunities.

Working Conditions

Video game producers work in clean and well lit offices. Work schedules are a regular 40 hours per week, but video game producers may have to put in extra hours when projects near completion, or when deadlines have to be met. The work may become stressful at times, especially since the producers are in charge of quality assurance and need to make sure that finished products meet the clients’ requirements.

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Entertainment Software Association
575 7th Street, NW
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International Game Developers Association
19 Mantua Road
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Salary, Earnings and Benefits

According to recent researchers, the average annual salary of video game producers in the United States is $78,716. In entry level jobs, the average salary is $62,500 per year, while those with more than 3 years of experience earn around $89,184 annually. On the other hand, executive producers earn around $125,000 every year. In fact, experienced executive producers have been known to enjoy an annual salary of $200,000.

Video game producers receive regular benefits like medical and life insurance coverage, and paid leaves. In some cases, they may also be eligible for pensions.

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