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Campaign Worker Job Description, Career as a Campaign Worker, Salary, Employment

Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job

Training/Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s degree preferred

Median Salary: $36,000 annually

Job Prospects: Good

Job Description

Campaign workers are part of the staff for a given political candidate that works to get the candidate elected. There are varying degrees of involvement and responsibility, since most people start out on a voluntary basis. Many start out as campaign workers if they believe in a given candidate or if they wish to gain some political involvement for their own career. There are a variety of responsibilities these workers take on, but the end goal is always to get their candidate elected to the desired office or position.

Under the direction of a campaign manager, campaign workers assist with devising a strategy to help the political candidate win the election. Although there are many volunteers working on a campaign, there are some who make a full-time career as campaign workers. These particular individuals bring much experience with them and tactics that have proven to be successful. Campaign workers are not only responsible for developing the strategy, but they work tirelessly to execute the tactics that are part of it.

There are many different tactics involved in a campaign strategy, as well as a variety of specialties that need attention. Campaign workers help with fundraising, communications, public relations, logistics, and general organization. The number of specialties depends on the size of a campaign. Campaign workers assigned to a smaller, local campaign will likely work in all of the areas. Whereas campaign workers who are part of a large national campaign will likely be part of a team that focuses on one area or tactic.

No matter what the size or how many tactics involved, campaign workers are part of a team. They meet with the team regularly, including the candidate, to evaluate what’s working and what needs improvement. They execute tactics and come up with new ones that prove to be more effective. All activities depend on how the candidate is doing, with reassessment and changing directions as part of this work. Any experience a campaign worker brings to this position will be helpful to their work, and to the campaign they work on as a whole.

Training/Educational Requirements

Although there are no set training requirements for this position, an education isimportant. It is usually expected for campaign workers to have a bachelor’s degree and could be a requirement for getting hired. An education or background within politics can be helpful, although it is not usually a requirement.

There aren’t classes or training that can prepare a campaign worker. However, if they work within a specific focus such as public relations, it can be helpful if they have some education or training in this specific area. Education and training isn’t considered as important as experience when employed as a campaign worker.

How to Get Hired

The best way to get hired into a role as a campaign worker is to have experience. Campaign workers who have experience working on other campaigns have an advantage over the competition. This proves especially true if the candidate they worked for was hired into their desired position. Competition for positions as campaign workers can be high, particularly if it is for a candidate that is popular among the general public. In this instance, having related experience can help an individual get hired above others.

Working as a volunteer on a campaign can help build experience and increase the potential for getting hired as a full-time campaign worker. Having volunteer work helps gain experience and increases the potential for getting hired, even if it is for a later campaign. Any involvement in politics or experience in specific areas such as fundraising, public relations, or logistics also increases an individual’s chances for getting hired as a campaign worker.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook, and Career Development

Overall there is usually a high demand for campaign workers, but it depends on the number of upcoming elections. Campaign workers are brought on early in the process as a candidate stakes their claim for a given office. If there are elections coming up, then there is a need for campaign workers. In some instances, a campaign worker stays on as part of a candidate’s staff and then switches gears at time of reelection.

The outlook for this position depends on the timing of elections. If working as a campaign worker on a local basis, then there may not be as many positions available. If working on a larger scale, there may be positions available as campaign workers when elections are nearing. Gaining political experience can help an individual get hired as a campaign worker. Fundraising or public relations experience helps prepare an individual for elections and related campaign work.

Working Environment

The work environment for a campaign worker can be rather hectic. With established deadlines and directions constantly changing, this can make for a stressful environment at times. Campaign workers usually work in an office. In many instances it is a temporary office set up until the election. They work as part of a team and share an office, or have a desk located near other members.

Although much of the time is spent in their office, campaign workers have the potential to travel often. Depending on the specific role or purpose that they serve, they may accompany the candidate to interviews or meetings. They also meet with the public or even go door-to-door. Each day is different as campaign workers keep up with the changing tactics and change in direction.

Salary and Benefits

Campaign workers start off at a lower salary range, averaging about $36,000 per year. The salary range depends on the campaign itself. For instance, working on a presidential campaign as opposed to a more local type is sure to pay more. The pay range also depends greatly on the geographical location and the cost of living, and the experience each candidate possesses. For those who begin their work on a campaign on a part-time or voluntary basis, no salary is offered.

If a campaign worker brings experience along with them, they may seek a salary as high as $62,080 per year as a campaign manager. These are typically temporary positions that run until the election takes place. Benefits are not usually associated with them. However, serving as a campaign worker can lead to potential job opportunities later since this position carries some clout with it.

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